Jogi - Coke Studio - Lyrics

Started Diwali morning with this song by Coke Studio Season 6. Jogi by Fariha Pervez and featuring Muazzam Ali Khan. The song put me into a kind of trance. I loved it. When I started searching for the lyrics - I came across multiple versions  and could not even distinguish the words because they all sounded the same.

I managed to get a working draft of the lyrics. Meaning of the lyrics later. Enjoy the music for now.

ni main jana jogi de nal
ni main jana jogi de nal
kanni mundra pa ke... 
mathe tilak lagga main jana jogi de nal
ni main jana jogi de nal
ni main jana jogi de nal
eh jogi mere man vich vasseyaeh 
jogi mera joda khasseya...s
ach akhan main kasam qur'an 
ehjogi mera deen imaaneh
jogi mere nal nal - main jogi de nal nal.
jogi mere nal nal - main jogi de nal nal.
jogi de nal nal. jogi de nal nal.
jogi mere nal nal - main jogi de nal nal.
koi kissay day naal koi kissay day nal
jogi mere nal nal - main jogi de nal nal.
jadon dee main - jadon dee main
jadon dee main jogi dee hoyee
jadon dee main jogi dee hoyee
mai wich mei na reh gayee koi
jogi mere nal nal ...
sa ma ga ma ga re ga re ga sa
jogi nal jaana - jogi nal jaana -jogi nal jaana ni main jana ni main jana ni main jana ni main jana jana jana janani main jana jogi de nal...
sir tay topi par niyat khoti lena ki topi sir tar kay
tasbi phiri par dil na phirya lena ki tasbi hath phar kay
chilay kitay par rab na milya lena ki chilyan wich war kay
bullaya jaag bina dudh nahi jamda pawein lal howay kar kar kay
jogi de nal - jogi de nal - jogi de nalsa ma ga ma ga re ga re ga sani main jana jogi de nal... 

kanni mundra pa ke... mathe tilak lagga main jana jogi de nal.

Saturday, November 2, 2013 by Hari
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Inferno - Dan Brown

This was one of the few books I was looking forward to and disappointing is to say the least about this book.

Story starts with a murder - Check
Robert Langdon is away from his home and probably in a different continent - Check
Robert Langdon meets a hot chick as his partner - Check
An organization with/without a global mission - Check
An assassin out to kill Robert Langdon - Check
Reference to Medieval/Renaissance artists - Check
Merry go around Medieval architecture - Check
Robert Langdon makes a mistake - Check
There is a codex/map/cryptic message that only Robert Langdon can crack - Check
The person whom Langdon trusts the most, is the villain - Check

Typical Dan Brown formula. Nothing great. In fact there is not even enough controversial material in the book - to incite sales like how Angels and Demons did or like the Da Vinci code. Pretty much run-of-the-mill stuff.

Monday, May 20, 2013 by Hari
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Karmic Debt

I know its been a long time since I posted anything on my blog. Of course, no excuses. But what I am going to post today is something totally different. :)

Sometimes its totally surprising what changes life brings about - in a year. Just a year. Or to put it in other words - between two birthdays. Not mine of course.

One year ago, one of my "friend" - who has been mentioned several times in this blog - was going through a personal, emotional crisis. Shit happened on his/her birthday. This shit hit the ceiling and everybody in his/her family was panicky. I stepped in. Managed to get his/her act together - got everybody on the same page, reconciled. Post which, this friend got married.

Events happened after that and a year has gone past. This year - on that same birthday - we act as if we did not know each other.

I wouldn't term it a pity - but then it also tells me - how fleeting life is. How fleeting relationships are. How you meet some people in life - only because you have to repay them something you owe - karmic debt - and then they vanish completely from your lives - more like Vishwamitra in Ramayana - who comes with you until Rama marries Sita and then Puffff !! He vanishes. :)

Anyway - I waited so long to post this because I thought things might change. But they haven't. I don't really wish ill for anyone. We all end up paying up the Karmic Debt one way or the other.

Anyway - Sayonara. Yippikaye.

Thursday, December 20, 2012 by Hari