The Alexandria Link --- Steve Berry

The Alexandria Link --- Steve Berry

The ancient library of Alexandria was reportedly destroyed in wars, and floods that devastated the city itself. Inspite of this, a brotherhood, decides to keep this documents in their copy and original safely, in another place, secretly. Noone knows about this and very very few people actually know its existence. The Guardians, as they called themselves,picked their 'student' very carefully to show him the Library of Alexandria.

Also, The Old Testament, states that God gave Abraham his Land, Israel and it was to be for his sons too. The argument is that, the translations of the Old Testament, which was in Hebrew, to Other languages occurred in confusion, as a result there were a lot of mistakes, and assumptions. The actual Israel, or the Land of God's People, was not where it is currently, but in a different place altogether, locations of which corroborate with what has been already been to be a translated from Hebrew to Other languages.

Ex - Agent Malone is sent on a blind mission to protect George Haddad, a reputed scholar, who has found the link to the Library of Alexandria. Haddad is kept for more than 5 years in anonymity after which he is exposed. The Mossad, the Saudis and the Americans now want him killed, and an organisation called the Golden Fleece wants him dead after he reveals where the library is located.

This is followed by another parallel story, well connected to this Alexandria Link, the quest for the presidentship of the World's most powerful nation. The Power STruggle, and the wretched ways in which people kill each other, for the sake of power and money, has been beautifully portrayed.

One exceptionally good thing about the book, is that it never makes you feel tired, or bored. Also, the author has very clearly mentioned his sources, his own assumptions, the facts and the people who actually formed the part of the story, thus making you appreciate the amount of research that the author has put into the work.

My Comment ??? Excellent Book, Well researched, Could do with tying up a few more loose ends... Pretty Good. :)

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