The Amber Room --- Steve Berry

The Amber Room --- Steve Berry

The Amber room was a room in Catherine Palace which was gifted by the King of Prussia to the Russians as a gesture of Good will. Hitler and his second in command were literally at war with each other to find out the location of the Amber Room after it was rumored to have been looted or moved to some other secret location after the Revolution.

Many people were reported to be after the Amber Room. The story begins with an industrialist, McCoy trying to locate the Amber Room. Rachel Bates is an American Judge who lives with her husband even after divorcing Paul. Her father, Karl Borya was once a victim of a concentration camp, who was once on the trail of the Amber Room. Very few people were alive who knew something about the Amber Room.

The story sets pace when, Karl Borya is murdered and he leaves details about the Amber Room in the deep freezer. Soon Rachel is on her way to Europe to find out more about Cheany, the man who was with her father when they searched for the Amber Room. Very soon after their meeting he is killed. Paul joins Rachel later, only to find that they are being trailed and watched by two professionally skilled assasins and who were at each other's throats very often .

Whether Rachel finds the Amber Room, whether McCoy is able to succeed in his mission, whether Rachel realises her mistake and accepts Paul as part of her life is the rest of the story.

Excellent Research, but repetition could have been avoided. Interesting Plot.

My comment ??? A Good Historical Fiction story with a happy ending.

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