Da Vinci Code Look Alikes :


This book by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child starts on an eerie note. A man called Grove, a rich eccentric art critic is found dead in his palatial house, almost fully burnt but none of the furniture or the couch has been burnt i.e. selective burning. The room is full of smoke and it smells of sulphur and brimstone. To add to this are the mysterious marks of the Devil himself. Agents Pendergaust and D'Agosta look into the matter. With Pendergaust being single and D'Agosta's marriage on the Rocks both take up the case as Federals (As in FBI). It soon happens two more murders happen in the same manner. (reminds you of Da Vinci Code) and there is a Count Fosco to complicate matters. Meanwhile the Press gets hold of the story and it so goes that the Press believes the Devil has come and the Day of Reckoning is soon coming. There's Sergeant Hayward and D'Agosta Love affair too. Throw in some art and architecture, paintings, music, opera, Stradivarius and Viola !!!! You have an action adventure.

There are plenty of occasions for wit and wisdom too. The story becomes too predictable after some time. Makes a good read.

Download the Book Here.

The Codex:

Again a book by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. This one's a bit different though. Maxwell Broadbent on the verge of dying by Cancer, makes a last will and statement that his sons must find his tomb and they will get all the treasures that he had been hoarding up in his house, more than half a billion dollars worth of art. Philip, Tom and Vernon Broadbent go on a search trail albeit separately. Each one escapes from the jaws of Death helped by his brothers and finally they reach that Mayan village in Central America where their father was last seen. Sally, a mediciner sort of character joins the sons in search of a mystical CODEX that reportedly contains cures and remedies of ancient times from the herbs and concoctions of the Rain Forests. Finally there is a Villain too, who wants to avenge his insult with Maxwell Broadbent 40 years ago. Whether they lay their hands on the Codex,whether Maxwell Broadbent was buried alive in the Tomb, whether they escape the evil machinations of the Marcus Aurelius is the rest of the Story.

It is a relatively new book, but makes a good read. It sure is a page turner.

Download the Book Here.

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