Dante's Equation --- Jane Jetson

Dante's Equation --- Jane Jetson

This is one hell of a Read ...!!!! Let me tell you that first. This one brings Science and Religion on the Brink of union. The story starts with the Rabbi Aharon Handalman whose real interest in life is to decode the secret codes hidden in the Torah. He one day comes across words like destruction, weapon, Talcott and Kobinski. In America, a young Quantum theroy Physicist Talcott is working on a theory that if proved correctly might revolutionise the way the world looked at itself. It would improve the state of every human being in the world. The experiment upon which she works on , along with her student researcher turns out to be a disaster and she is heart broken. Aharon tries to contact Professor Talcott and tells her the consequence of trying to complete the experiment. At the same time, a police officer Danton Wyle is on their trail trying to get the details of the experiment that Talcott conducted. Each one gets transported to a different World or rather, a Parallel world and then a series of bizarre things happen. Finally each one returns to their own personal world and finds it a heaven in its own sense.

This is one book which i would definitely recommend. It'll grip you....

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007 by Hari
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