The Inheritance of Loss --- Kiran Desai

The Inheritance of Loss --- Kiran Desai

When I first started reading this book, top to bottom, I thought this was another typical run-of-the-mill Indian story of someone making it big. I was surprised to find that this was not like those ones. It actaully tells the story of a Judge, His Cook, His dog Mutt and his Grand Daughter Sai and their trials and tribulations. You are compelled to compare this with Vikram Seth's 'A Suitable Boy', in terms of its narration and story telling.

One very interesting thing which i noted in this book was the excessive use of Irony. Sometimes it made you feel sad. Sometimes grin but most of the time it makes you tired. !!! (I'm sorry Kiran Desai :( ) Good use of Anglicised Hindi words makes you feel you are really in Kalimpong. Excellent narration and story pausing (I mean breaking off from one story and starting up another ) .

My comment ... ??? I don know what made it get the Booker, but in my personal opinion its not worth it. Read the book and Enjoy it ...

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Thursday, June 14, 2007 by Hari
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