The Judas Strain --- James Rollins (2007)

The Judas Strain --- James Rollins (2007)

Man, What a Book ...!!!

This is what I first thought when I put this book down. I tell you people, Mark my words... Many people have written books which they claim to be sequels or rather parallels to "THE DA VINCI CODE". If you really ask me.. I'll Tell you..

This is the only book that can claim to be its worthy comtemporary or even a sequel ...!!!

The story starts with a startling fact that Marco Polo had not been entirely true with his memoirs and had not done justice to them by omitting some details completely out of it. Only his priest the Monk Friar Agreer knew what Marco Polo knew about.

Susan, a marine biologist and her husband Gregg are in the Christmas Islands for a vacation cum research.They are involved in an 'accident'. Meanwhile From the archives of the Italy something precious has been stolen,or rather something startling has been discovered by a man. In the United states, The Sigma, ( a hidden arm of the DARPA) has discovered that their is a mole in their amidst and he must be flushed out all costs.

Commander Gray Pierce is forced to join forces with his arch rival, Seichan ( a commander at the GUILD, which was an association of some sort with 'extended' illegal support). All the players in the game are after an egyptian Obelisk which reportedly contains certain archangelic scripts, known to predate mankind. Once they get their hands on to it. They need to find out the rest of the Clues to locate the Cure to the Judas STrain that once if entered the human body, turns all the friends (cells) into foe. Or Rather the system turns itself against itself.

It sure does read a lot like Da Vinci Code, but I think we are doing injustice to the book by comparing it with THE DA VINCI CODE. Because, I'm sure if the book got released before the DVC, it would have certainly raised eyebrows.

Kudos to James Rollins for Having provided with such a wonderful novel.

Pssst... There is one big flaw there in the book. And I'm still wondering why they never even thought about editing that part. In Hindu Mythology, the story of the OCean Churning to get the nectar, The story is correct in all details except the most important part. It was SHIVA who drank the poison halahala not VISHNU as mentioned. That's a big Blooper. But
anyway, apart from this major glitch everything else is just as good.

If you haven't read the DVC, my suggestion ... READ THIS FIRST. !!!!

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