Saramago Jose --- Blindness Nobel Prize winning novel

Saramago Jose --- Blindness Nobel Prize winning novel

A man while waiting for the signal to turn Green suddenly finds that he has gone blind.. His world is not dark, but rather white... A thief who offers to drop him home, runs away with his car only to find that he too is turning blind slowly. The First man's wife takes her husband to the doctor, who hopes to diagnose him after some deeper analysis. The doctor too turns blind.. Very soon the entire city turns blind.. Since the Disease is Contagious people are soon evacuated and kept separate, i.e. isolated. Soon there is exploitation of people, their bodies, their wealth, and ultimately their minds. Surprisingly the only person who doesn't blind is the First Man's wife.She decides to stay with her husband by posing as blind and to serve him.. However she too turns blind towards the end, when everyone rejoices that they have got back their eyesight... Ultimately it is ironical that she has turned blind just to make sure she doesn't see anymore of hypocrites, who are hell bent on exploting people...

A very good Read... The Dialogues are yours to be identified. There is no punctuation mark or anything of that sort... You simply have to keep reading....

Happy Reading

Saturday, June 2, 2007 by Hari
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