The Templar Legacy --- Steve Berry

The Templar Legacy --- Steve Berry

Another of STeve Berry's racy, historical, fact cum fiction thriller. The story begins with Stephanie Nelle , Director of the Magellan Billet, an American Organisation for maintaining Law and Order, come to Europe, for a so called holiday. Things take an ugly turn and her former agent Cotton Malone comes to her rescue. Lars Nelle, Stephanie's husband was involved in trying to decipher the true nature of Templar Knights and to find their 'Great Devise'. He was partially successful but later committed suicide. He leaves behind notes and clues, which the current master of the Knights' Templar guessed to be correct, for the Great Devise was reported to have gone missing from the Templar's themselves, about 700 years ago.

The master dies of Cancer and he sets in turn a chain of events that become irreversible. He becomes wary of a person in his brotherhood, trying to become ambitious. So he creates a number of diversions and thinks intelligently. After his death, the son of Stephanie Nelle, Mark Nelle, who was thought to be dead in an avalanche, is to become the successor but as the master predicted, he is opposed and so to save his skin, he escapes. Finally Malone, Stephanie, Mark and Malone's Dane friend, Henrik Thorvaldsen and his friend, Cassiesopia Vitt get together to solve the mystery.

Interesting Read, good narrative to keep you guessing the plot. The story has been well researched.

My comment ??? Another Da Vinci Look Alike , but albeit in a different sense.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007 by Hari
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