WHAT IF ... ???

Starting today, we will be concentrating on a special series … What If …???

(Of Course … Our Book Thread Will Continue… :) )

The series will concentrate on what would have happened if certain events and certain people, in past, did not do things which they did, eventually changing the course of history. Readers’ comments are always welcome. Criticism is also welcome, provided its encouraging. J

1. BENARES 1974: WHAT IF Steve Jobs had stayed back in Benares?

In the early 70‘s, a stoned hippie called Steve Jobs arrived in Benares looking for nirvana. But when he asked a sadhu about the Big N, the savant dragged him to the top of a hillock, shaved his head and let him go. This weird experience convinced Jobs (Don’t ask me Why) that the N way lay in making the computer more ubiquitous and user friendly as the bicycle. He set up Apple Computer.

If Jobs had stayed back in Benares, computers would probably still be room sized devices running spools of tape (Apple invented the floppy Disk Drive), their secrets known only to cultish initiates. Even if computers became smaller, there would be no mouse, no graphical user interface, which Jobs introduced with the Mac. The Internet would be something that only the Pentagon and the Universities would be using.

Jobs settled at Haridwar, would be heading a million strong spiritual movement, The Orange Path. And Bill Gates would still have found a way to be extremely rich.

Monday, June 18, 2007 by Hari
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