Shantaram --- Gregory David Roberts

Shantaram --- Gregory David Roberts


This is my one word comment on this wondeful book. I don think any other writer could have written about India in such a wonderfully comic yet tragic manner. The descriptions of People, places, modus operandi make you feel that things were happening around in your own street.

Here's the Story, Shantaram (he was named Shantaram later) escapes from an Australian Jail in broad daylight and finally ends up at Bombay. He joins two other foreigners to book a room with this tourist guide cum friend Prabhakar, whom he meets the moment he gets down from the bus. this is the beginning of a long and fruitful friendship. Then there are other forigners who come into the fray. There's the local mafia, the thugs, dons, goondas, tales of sorrow and woe. But the book is not without its comical moments. You have a feel that things are moving quite naturally with an almost natural rhythm. there's no artificiality in it.

It makes you feel that this is not the story of some gora, but the story of a Human being who is fighting for his survival. Shantaram's description of Bombay (as in was in the early 1980's), His sufferings at the Arthur Road Prison, The sufferings of Ulla and Modena, The tragic fate of Prabhakar,How Shantaram works as a doctor for the people of the slum and how he helps them to survive Cholera, all have their own weightage in the story.

Karla's Philosophical lines have more than one meaning as one understands later. They are really very very deep, so are Khader's lines on religion and Science. Even Shantaram's lines shock you sometimes, leaving you to pause the story to understand the significance of those lines

If one does not cry while reading this story, he can claim himself to be stone hearted.

"It is an epic, mesmerizing tale of crowded slums and five-star hotels, romantic love and prison torture, mafia gang wars and Bollywood films, and spiritual gurus and brutal battlefields. It weaves a seamless web of unforgettable characters, amazing adventures, and superb evocations of Indian life. This remarkable book can be read as a vast, extended thriller, as well as a superbly written meditation on the nature of good and evil. It is a compelling tale of a hunted man who had lost everything—his home, his family, and his soul—and came to find his humanity while living at the wildest edge of experience.Nothing like this has been written before."

I agree ... Nothing like this has been written before and i doubt whether it would be, in the future.

I must apologise for the long post but trust me people, this book might run over 900 pages, but every page of this book is worth it. The book infact deserves a post this long.

My Comment ??? Fantastic.
If that's not enough


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