The Third Secret --- Steve Berry

The Third Secret --- Steve Berry

This is a very interesting with no complexities in the story. Clement XV is the pope who is currently ruling the Vatican. He is the Vicar of the Christ and is known to be a man of great knowledge and affection. His papal secretary was Father Michener, and the Camerlegno Ngovi, both of whom were close to Clement XV. Clement XV receives a Fascimile from a Father Tibor regarding the translation of the Secrets of the Fatima, and that starts off the entire situation.

The pope aspiring Valendria, tries to scheme a lot of things to hinder the Pope's interest in the prophecies at Fatima, but is not able to , since he knows the secret and does not want anyone else to know it.

This is a tale of betrayal, love and Divinity. And as the author puts it wonderfully in the prologue, ultimately, it is a question of Faith.

Wonderful Book, Well researched ( as with all of Steve Berry's books ), good, fast pacing and quite informative on some of the internal workings of the Vatican.

My comment ??? Pretty Good ...

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Saturday, July 14, 2007 by Hari
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