The Prince of Ayodhya --- Ashok. K. Banker

The Prince of Ayodhya --- Ashok. K. Banker

This is by far, the best 'version' of Ramayana I've ever read till date.]

So .. Here we go after a long long time .. :)

I read the book over a period of 5 days and let me tell u, that everyday I was waiting for a chance to read this book ! The book starts on a surprisingly startling note that Jatayu was Ravana's spy and that Manthara was already a follower of Ravana ...!!!!

The story starts with Vishwamithra undertaking a journey to Ayodhya to ask Dashratha, his son Rama for the purpose of protection of his yagna. Meanwhile, the uncle of Ravana KalaNemi comes to Ayodhya in the disguise of Vishwamithra,to destroy Ayodhya and Dashratha would be just about to wash his feet, thinking him to be the great mage, when suddenly the original Vishwamithra challenges him .. and the story takes a very interesting turn .

All Battle scenes have been written with a lot of creativeness and sense of perspective. Noteworthy is the scene, when Rama takes on Tataka and her 'creations' in the forest. It showed the skill and prowess of the author in attempting something very different in a tale that has been oft repeated for ages.

The story ends on a very intriguing note with Vishwamithra telling Rama that he (Vishwamithra) was going to Mithila to attend Rama's Marriage ..!!!
Certain facts have been taken for granted in the story. Some examples would be the fact that Dashratha did a putrakameshti yagna for the progeny. Also, it is told that Sita was Rama's many times removed maternal cousin and that Janak was like an uncle to Rama and the fact that Rama already had a soft corner for Sita ..!!! It, though is interesting, gives the story a juvenile touch ... !!! But, it is quite interesting to read .. no doubt ...

Brilliantly explored story line. Well Researched and a very bold and successful attempt on a story that has been retold for generation in India.

My comments ..??? Go Read the Book .. It is definitely not worth missing this wonderful book.

Download the Book Here

( Sorry People, Ashok Banker had personally mailed me and asked me to remove the book from the download section .. so very sorry. Because I respect the author very much and also his sincere desire to prevent anybody from getting into some problem ... HATS OFF TO YOU Mr. Ashok .K. Banker

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