A Thousand Splendid Suns --- Khaled Hosseini

A Thousand Splendid Suns --- Khaled Hosseini

Yet another 'too good' book from Hosseini. :)

The story starts with a girl called Mariam who is an Illegitimate daughter of man called Jalil Khan, who already has three wives. Jalil however always has a soft corner for the girl and comes every thursday to visit her. Fate plays a different game, when one day the girl desires to go to her father's house in the city and meet his other childred. She goes there inspite of the repeated requests of her mother. She returns disappointed from Jalil's when she sees her mother hanging from the branch of the tree. Things take an ugly turn when she realises that Jalil Khan's family had decided to marry him off to a man called Rasheed, who lives in Kabul.

Rasheed and Mariam begin to live together and that is the beginning of a life of misery for Mariam.Rasheed wants a child and Mariam carries one when all of a sudden the child is aborted. This destroys Mariam at heart level. This continues for a number of pregnancies.

In the meanwhile, a girl called Laila lives in Afghanistan and she loves a one legged man called Tariq. Tariq had lost his one leg in the war. Laila lost both her brothers in the Afghan war. Her mother lost all her health because of these tragedies. The day Laila's family decide to move to Pakistan as Refugees, a bombshell hurled at Laila's house, kills her parents and herself, injured beyond critical.

She ends up at Rasheed's house who not only tells her that Tariq had died due to war injuries but also looks at her with an intent to marry her, which breaks Mariam's heart.Laila agrees to marry Rasheed because of the circumstances. Laila gives Rasheed a girl and a boy, but there is a slight twist in the tale, because after sometime Laila and Mariam become close friends.

What follows is a very moving part of the story when Laila's daughter is forced to stay in the Orphanage due to lack of food. Finally Mariam gets a Death Sentence for a crime that she commits in order to save Laila.

The story is very very moving. It gives a very poignant and serious perspective of Afghanistan and its people while all along interweaving real life characters in the story.

This is perhaps one of the most moving pieces of Literature i've ever read till date.

My comments ??? Too Good to say No ... :)

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