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The Fountain Head --- Ayn Rand

The Fountain Head: Ayn Rand

It would, of course, be pointless, to write a review on the book that has been a bestseller, a cult classic for years together, but this is for the benefit of the people who are yet to read the book.

I could relate to the book pretty well because, the protagonist, Howard Roark is a man after my heart. I would dare call him a replica of myself. I can understand that this is audacity, but i'm writing what i've felt about the book and the author.

Howard Roark, a student of architecture, is dispelled from Stanton University because his professors felt that his work was blasphemy and did not belong to the orthodox style. His fellow student Peter Keating, was a guy who was a typical selfish man. Peter Keating pities on Howard Roark and gives him some small commissions but takes the credit of all the work that Roark did. Howard Accepts all this without the slightest hint of emotion.

Finally Howard gets some projects and he tries to build them. In some cases he succeeds and in some others he does not. When he fails it becomes a fodder for media and his name is tarnished.
He is chosen for contract for the Stoddard Temple, which becomes a legal issue and is dropped after almost half the construction is over.

In the midst of this, comes in Dominique Francon, the female protagonist, who is against Howard Roark and all that he stands for, yet she loves him with all her heart. Then there is the Gail Wynand who without even seeing Howard Roark goes against him in his papers and finally comes to realise that he is really a nice man.

Howard Roark is the epitome of all the goodness that a man can ever have. He is gentle, he is strong, he is antisocial, yet he designs public buildings with rent less than 10 dollars a month. He is strongly single and dedicated to the task at hand. Howard Roark is perhaps the best example of how a man should be.

All characters in the book are very well defined and outlined. Every character has an important role in the story and the story is an absolutely awesome one.

I regret the fact that I had the opportunity to read the book so late in my life. According to me a kid, should read this book in his early teens so that his mental maturity is that as of Howard Roark !!!!

My comments ? Too Good to miss.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007 by Hari
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The Strange Life of Ivan Osokin: P.D.Ouspensky

The Strange Life of Ivan Osokin: P.D.Ouspensky

Perhaps one of the most remarkable books that I've ever read till date. It is an amazing cocktail of small incidents that prove a very important fact in our life.

Ivan Osokin is frustrated with his life. Nothing has gone right with his life and he is facing rejection at every stage of life. He meets a magician who agrees to alter the course of his life by sending him back to relive his life and if possible to alter the course of his destiny. It so happens that Ivan is able to remember the course of the events but is helpless in avoiding them, and his life comes to pass. He is helpless and hence he lets the events occur, leading to the confusion in his life. He realises the ultimate truth of the reason why the magician sent him back to 'alter' his past. It was inevitable. The book sounds philosophical at some places and still it is very much in the present world.

I know this is an old book and I've read it only recently,but still the book was a very good read.
My comments: Pretty Good book,Small one too, do read and enlighten yourselves.

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by Hari
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