The Strange Life of Ivan Osokin: P.D.Ouspensky

The Strange Life of Ivan Osokin: P.D.Ouspensky

Perhaps one of the most remarkable books that I've ever read till date. It is an amazing cocktail of small incidents that prove a very important fact in our life.

Ivan Osokin is frustrated with his life. Nothing has gone right with his life and he is facing rejection at every stage of life. He meets a magician who agrees to alter the course of his life by sending him back to relive his life and if possible to alter the course of his destiny. It so happens that Ivan is able to remember the course of the events but is helpless in avoiding them, and his life comes to pass. He is helpless and hence he lets the events occur, leading to the confusion in his life. He realises the ultimate truth of the reason why the magician sent him back to 'alter' his past. It was inevitable. The book sounds philosophical at some places and still it is very much in the present world.

I know this is an old book and I've read it only recently,but still the book was a very good read.
My comments: Pretty Good book,Small one too, do read and enlighten yourselves.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007 by Hari
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