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Aghora - The Left Hand Path Of God - Robert Svoboda

Finally.. I found the time, last night to finish this book.

As a student of the occult, I would be expected to have read the book, and digested the information present in this book.
As a matter of fact, I was searching for this book, all over the place...
But again, as this is a rare book.. (Was published in 1998 .. amidst a lot of controversy.. especially on a couple of chapters ..) and no second hand copies were available....

So.. now comes the book ...

Writing a review for the book, which has aready been acclaimed is not a big deal.. anyway ... Here comes...

The book starts with an introduction to the Tantric Texts ...
Followed by a brief discussion on the Right Hand and the Left Hand Paths..

The actual Aghori in the book is Vimalananda .. who recollects incidents in his life time.. and narrates them with some amount of wit ...I was disappointed in some aspects of the book... I thought certain rituals would be explained in a more detailed.. unfortunately .. that was not the case.. Vimalananda remains as tight lipped as his contemporaries.. which is again.. understandable ...Chapters on RnuBandhana, and Mahakala, And Mahapurusha .. are extremely ...interesting ... and enlightening...Vimalananda's first interaction with Smashan Tara was the highlight of this book... The book specifies a number of do's and don'ts .. hence it is like more of a checklist rather than a manual or a textbook ...Vimalananda's take on Karma, Death, Karmic thoughts, intercourse, Shakti and other occult aspects are worth reading ...
The author and Vimalananda.. very specifically tell you that, practising certain rituals is upto the discretion of the 'saadhak' and that in no way.. will the person/should the person.. blame the supreme forces for the effects that might arise out of its usage...

A pretty good disclaimer though ....

I personally enjoyed reading the book..
The book is close to 300 pages ..
though it is quite possible to read it quite fast, due to its simplicity ... :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008 by Hari
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Ah. Finally... The One Black Coffee Please Ad....

After a really really Really Long time....
I have got hold of the ad that impressed me the most in my childhood days...

This Advertisement used to come during the 1996-1998 period.
It was the perhaps the most famous of its times....

And why am i so fascinated by the ad ...???

According to me.. this ad was the beginning of the 'small mobile' concept...
It was only after this ad, did the sales of Ericsson mobiles picked up in the market...
If you ask me.. this ad was a veritable trend setter...

Ok.. What Ad are we talking about...???

One Black coffee Please....

Yes... Both the stars were very famous at that point of time.. both having acted in innumerable number of advertisements and television serials....

Ah... The look on the man's face and the sound of broken glass at the end of the ad... simply too good...
Lemme tell you something... I saw this ad when i was just about 11-12 years old... and have not seen it again, till i saw it on youtube..... and i still remember the people who played the characters... You can imagine to what extent the advertisement has lingered on my mind...
Been searching for this ad for the past 6 years... Gotten hold of it.. just now...
Don't miss it out....

Please don't forget to comment... !!!
In case you have other such memorable ads, (preferably Indian Ads... No Offence Meant...)
I would love to view them...
Please mail me @ ....

Monday, September 15, 2008 by Hari
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The Three Mistakes Of My Life-Chetan Bhagat

Finally... I found the time to read Chetan Bhagat's Latest novel-The three mistakes of my life.
The plot is too 'filmy'.. bollywood style.. wonder if he was inspired to write something like that....
Am not surprised.. after both his books have been taken up for scripting, to be made into films... it is highly probable that could have happened.

The book is short..144pages only... I finished it in something less than 3 hours .. which is quite remarkable....(for me ..of course :) )
The plot is simple... Govind Patel, Ishaan, and Omi are three chuddy buddies in Ahmedabad.
Govind being a hardcore gujarati, cannot resist being a businessman, so.. he decides to start a business... a sports shop, in a temple, run by Omi's Father.. Ishaan would provide cricket tips to youngsters etc ... Slowly they decide to expand ... as their business trebles, then quadruples... they book an expensive mall, and plan to move in there, when the Gujarat Earthquake occurs... their dreams are all vaporised instantly....
Govind being very good at maths is asked to coach Ish's sister.. and of course.. he inevitably falls for her....
Ish finds a boy called Ali.. who has a medical problem, which can be used to his advantage... that of hitting sixes ... Ish is surprised to see, how the 12year old has smashed a 20+ something district level qualified fast bowler to pieces... Ish decides to take him under his wings... then they decide to meet the Australian team for some help (in showcasing the talent of this boy...) and then their trip to Australia occurs.... In the meanwhile Govind and Vidya(Ishaan's sister) get phyiscal ...resulting in an unwantedly threatening position for Govind.. meanwhile the communal riots at Godhra happen, so.. here the young boy Ali is being targeted by the mobs ...Omi is killed in the encounter... Ishaan finds out that his best friend was wooing his sister and decides to once and forever forsake him .... After 3 years of separation from Vidya Ishaan and everybody... Govind is frustrated with his life and decides to take the pill... but of course.. not without writing a letter to this author... which of course happens to be the first scene of this story....

All's Well that Ends Well....

You can download a copy of the book from Scribd.. search for the file '3Mistakes' and you can find it over there....
I have no idea who posted it there in the first place.. so no once comes rnning after me....!!!!

My Opinion ? Not worth reading.... Too Filmy a plot... Worth buying.. only if you are a hardcore chetan Bhagat fan or an aspiring Bollywood, Script writer or Assistant Director.....

Saturday, September 13, 2008 by Hari
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Ah ..... !!!!! 5000 Visitors to my Blog.....

Ah ...
Finally ... I reached what I wanted to reach ... long time back...

5000 Visitors to my blog ... !!!!

That's quite an achievement... that too without these Google Adsense - nonsense..... !!!!

Folks who have been supportive of this effort.. thanks a ton.. buddies....

Have a great time folks...

I know.. i haven't done much updation in recent times...

Will definitely spend some more time, hereonwards....

So... As I have said..It has been a wonderful journey.. and I pray.. that it continues to be...

Euphoria..... !!!! is what I want you to experience....

Monday, September 8, 2008 by Hari
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Jefferey Archer's - A Prisoner of Birth

What a Book ....
Though u know the plot, what is going to happen, who is going to get caught.. it still takes the skill of a master story teller such as JA to have you at the edge of your seat (literally !!!) while reading this story...

Plot is nothing new....
If you've read the Count of Monte Cristo, then here are the variations....

Mercedes does not marry, she waits from Dante to come ....
Dante does escape from the Chateau 'd If, but in a totally different and incredible fashion ...
There is no Abbe Faria, but some characters do resemble traces of Abbe in them ...
Dante's impersonates as someone's heir to get a fortune, with which he plots the downfall of his foes ...
There is the final court scene, albeit, a little dramatic ....

Lets get down to the finer details ...

Danny, Beth and her brother Bernie, get involved in a bar fight, leading to one of the 'villains' killing Bernie and stabbing Danny in Leg and get away with it..
Danny is accused of the murder of his fiancee's brother and so is sentenced to a 23 year jail. In the Belmarsh prison, he makes friends with his two cell mates, Nicholas Moncrieff and Big Al.
Danny's villains plot to kill Danny in prison, but kill Nicholas unknowingly... As a result, Danny gets a chance to impersonate Nicholas and goes on to attend his own funeral ...
Finally when Danny (errr.. I mean Danny alias Nicholas) is released from Prison, he makes the maximum use of Nicholas' name and heirloom to his advantage, with the help of Big Al and wrecks havoc on his enemies...

How he does that, is of course typical JA style....

Some more characters of note ....
The Jail warden PASCOE,
The family lawyer, MUNRO (Man .. this guy was amazing.... especially in the last scene of the story... )
GENE HUNSACKER as the eagle eyed, collector of artifacts.
ALEX REDMAYNE ... (Simply superb portrayal of a lawyer there... Though when i read the story for the first time.. i was feeling as if i was reading a John Grisham, rather than a JA :) )
Sir MATHEW (Alex's father... )
He comes in the ultimate scene of the novel, as a junior to his Son, and literally steals the thunder... Man.. what a scene was that, when he questions Spencer Craig. ...
Of course, Pearson was just as good....

Plenty of Court scenes in this book...
Each one is rivetting in its own sense. ...
Man ...
The final encounter between Craig and Sir Mathew is worth reading ....

And of course, there are the other characters,
The Father of the church and the Headmistress of the school and their small conversation.. which shows that humans are prone to make errors ...

Overall .... Superb Book....
Worth reading... in every sense of the word ....

Thursday, August 28, 2008 by Hari
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James Rollins - The Last Oracle

The Last Oracle - James Rollins

This is another of the Sigma Force novels.
I was able to finish the novel in a single day, single sitting..
Quite an achievement, because i am known as a person who does, or atleast tries to do, too many things at a time ... !!!!!!

The plot of the story is pretty simple. It is very similar to that of Black Order (another Sigma novel - James Rollins).

The story begins with the Oracle at Delphi escaping the wrath of the Roman/Greek Emperors.
The story then shifts to the present setting, starting with a man dying in the arms of Pierce Gray, a senior officer at the Sigma. He later finds out that the man, was a guy named Polk, and he had infact founded the Sigma. The man dies giving a coin depicting the temple at Delphi, to Gray, who is mystified. Polk was murdered by some people who did not want their secrets to be exposed.The story then brings in Polk's daughter, Elizabeth Polk and a man named Kowalski. Now if you are wondering whether the name sounds familiar. It sure is. It is the name of the body guard in 'The Day of the Jackal' by Forsyth. and the characterisation is also very much similar.
Polk was trying to protect a gifted child, Sasha. One who was capable of predicting or knowing the future. But he had known too much and he had to be killed by Russian soldiers in America.
Gray later learns that MapleThorpe was a guy with the Defence and Intelligence Division and it was he who was spearheading this cartel and was ready to go to any extent, to get the possession of the girl.
The story then takes a number of twists and turns. With psychic children thrown in as autistic savants, and the Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor, the story takes a global approach. Finally all the protagonists are lead to Chernobyl.
There is also a security breach at Sigma.With Painter calling in a firestorm.
Monk who was lost in 'The Judas Strain' and is shown as sending a SOS signal to Gray. Is shown alive but his memory is 'operated' upon by the Russians, and is made to appear like he is in amnesia.
He is the one who guides the chosen 'Omega' Children away from the danger.
How the American President is protected from the danger, how the evil designs of Nicolas and Savina Mortov fail, How Monk finally gets to meet his colleagues and wife and children is the climax of the story.

The story begins with a furious pace and is a page turner for quite some time, then it loses its speed. Picks it up after some time again. It is really a roller coaster ride.
Reads well.
For someone who has read 'Black Order' the plot will appear vaguely similar. And that is the turn off.
Why is that the Russians are always the 'EVIL' force. The ones to be fought, the ones who must not take control of the world. !!!!
I don understand that.

Anyway the book is a good read.
Read it ..

My opinion ----
If you have never read a James Rollins before, Read this....
If you have .. then just read this review. It is simply not worth the effort and time.

P.S -> I read an electronic copy of the book which was stored in mediafire by some good soul ....
Thanks to him ...
Here is the link ...

Sunday, July 6, 2008 by Hari
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The ClockWork Universe --- Karma ??? What is That :)

A clockwork universe

Every marksman knows that if a bullet misses its target, the gun was not aimed correctly. The statement seems trite, yet it conceals a deep truth. The fact that a bullet will follow a definite path in space from gun to target, and that this path is completely determined by the magnitude and direction of the muzzle velocity, is a clear example of what we might call the dependability of nature. The marksman, confident in the unfailing relationship between cause and effect, can estimate in advance the trajectory of the bullet. He will know that if the gun is accurately aligned the bullet will hit the target. The marksman’s confidence rests on that huge body of knowledge known as classical mechanics. Its origins stretch back into antiquity; every primitive hunter must have recognized that the flight of a stone from a sling or an arrow from a bow was not a haphazard affair, the main uncertainty being the act of projection itself. However, it was not until the seventeenth century, with the work of Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton, that the laws of motion were properly formulated. In his monumental work Principia, published in 1687, Newton expounded his three famous laws
that govern the motion of material bodies.

Cast in the form of mathematical equations, Newton’s three laws imply that the motion of a body through space is determined entirely by the
forces that act on the body, once its initial position and velocity are fixed. In the case of the bullet, the only significant force is the pull of gravity,which causes the path of the bullet to arch slightly into a parabolic curve. Newton recognized that gravity also curves the paths of the planets around the Sun, in this case into ellipses. It was a great triumph that his laws of motion correctly described not only the shapes but also the periods of the planetary orbits. Thus was it demonstrated that even the heavenly bodies comply with universal laws of motion. Newton and his contemporaries were able to give an ever more accurate and detailed account of the workings of the solar system. The astronomer Halley, for example, computed the orbit of his famous comet, and was thereby able to give the date of its reappearance. As the calculations became progressively more refined (and complicated)so the positions of planets, comets and asteroids could be predicted with growing precision. If a discrepancy appeared, then it could be traced to the effect of some contributing force that had been overlooked. The planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were discovered because their gravitational fields produced otherwise unaccountable perturbations in the orbits of the planets. In spite of the fact that any given calculation could obviously be carried
out to a finite accuracy only, there was a general assumption that the motion of every fragment of matter in the universe could in principle be
computed to arbitrary precision if all the contributory forces were known. This assumption seemed to be spectacularly validated in astronomy, where gravity is the dominant force. It was much harder, however, to test in the case of smaller bodies subject to a wide range of poorly understood forces.

Nevertheless Newton’s laws were supposed to apply to all particles of matter, including individual atoms.

It came to be realized that a startling conclusion must follow. If every particle of matter is subject to Newton’s laws, so that its motion is entirely determined by the initial conditions and the pattern of forces arising from all the other particles, then everything that happens in the universe, right down to the smallest movement of an atom, must be fixed in complete detail. This arresting inference was made explicit in a famous statement by the French physicist Pierre Laplace:

Consider an intelligence which, at any instant, could have a knowledge of all forces controlling nature together with the momentary conditions of all the entities of which nature consists. If this intelligence were powerful enough to submit all this data to analysis it would be able to embrace in a single formula the movements of the largest bodies in the universe and those of the lightest atoms; for it nothing would be uncertain; the future and the past would be equally present to its eyes.

Laplace’s claim implies that everything that has ever happened in the universe, everything that is happening now, and everything that ever will
happen, has been unalterably determined from the first instant of time. The future may be uncertain to our eyes, but it is already fixed in every
minute detail. No human decisions or actions can change the fate of a single atom, for we too are part of the physical universe. However much we may feel free, everything that we do is, according to Laplace, completely determined. Indeed the entire cosmos is reduced to a gigantic clockwork mechanism,with each component slavishly and unfailingly executing its preprogrammed instructions to mathematical precision.

Such is the sweeping implication of Newtonian mechanics.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008 by Hari
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Why India Needs ICL ....


Well, I’ve been just one month into this IPL extravaganza, and I am already beginning to like BCCI and its policies. When the ICL began to expand, beginning to take foreign players under its wings, it was Mr. Sharad Pawar who had said that the exercise was futile and according to him people would not want to watch old players battling on a cricket field and would rather prefer watching some fresh blood doing the job.

Well some fresh blood are doing ‘the job’ on the field no doubt, but why recruit the same old players into IPL, when you do not want to see them battling on the field ? Perfect examples : Warne and McGrath, rumored to be into the ICL, and then overnight things take a turn and presto ! Warne is the coach cum captain of the Rajasthan Royals team ! Wow, that was quite remarkable BCCI.

While the BCCI has already served a ban on any cricketer, Ranji or International,who team up with ICL, It hardly comes as surprise to note that most of the players who first teamed up with ICL were Ranji cricketers. The reason ? Three fold. The lure of twenty twenty cricket with all its frills, the thrill of being in something which is so creative and different, and the most important factor, most of the players who have signed up for the ICL, have been Ranji players who have literally been ignored, or their cricketing skills rotting, due to the devouring greed of the BCCI. So what is wrong in ICL ?

Ok, so what if there is a life time ban ? Am sure that is not going to desist anybody from playing to their maximum potential. And a ban is not going to do any good for the BCCI, rather it is going to come right back to it as a resounding slap on its face. Take the case of a player like Ambati Rayudu, who played brilliantly. Now he has talent. But will he be ignored by selectors ? Reason being because he played in a rebel league ? Is this the answer BCCI going to give ? I am impressed.

The BCCI also took decisions like stopping pension to former players who align with the ICL. What Kapil had to say for this was --- "I did not go to them asking for pension and if they want to stop it, what can I do? Let them stop it,"

Like Us …. Kapil is clueless as to what made BCCI see a potential rival in the ICL and target those associated with the league.

"Why do they see ICL as a parallel or rebel body? The BCCI is trying to promote the game in India and if somebody else is pumping in more money why is it a problem with them? This league can help the BCCI only. This can help Indian cricket and shape so many careers. What is BCCI's problem?" is Kapil’s Question.
I think I might have an answer to it. Money Money and Money. Perhaps the World’s richest cricketing body, not satisfied with its coffers full is now intent on making more money, and it wants to make it without competition.
ICL if endorsed, would take up or rather ‘eat-away’ more than half of the revenue derived from the game, thus leaving the poor and gullible BCCI to somehow manage with the money left behind.
With bollywood celebrities thrown in, cheerleaders from America, Industrialists owning teams, IPL is all set to sell cricket to a cricket crazy nation. All this is fine, but where are the players. No doubt there will be young blood in this money crazy format, but what happens to those less unfortunate counterparts of these young lads,who were once promised a place in the national team and then forgotten.
The 'rebel' League was played with great sportsmanship. There was no greed. The entertainment was the cricket—not film stars. There were cheerleaders too. There was festivity in the air too, then why does the media talk as if the IPL' is a trendsetter?
Ok so what happens after the IPL. Unlike the ICL, IPL has no plans of launching into the 50-50 format. It finds the 20-20 more lucrative. But ICL has already made plans and is now going to launch a 50-50 ODI tournament followed by a test one too. There is plenty of room in ICL.
I can see that there is plenty of money in the ICL.There were many match winning performances from faces that were unknown even to their own states. And if you were to ask me what IPL is to Indian Cricket… A big (expensive) joke !

Tuesday, June 10, 2008 by Hari
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What ELANGO thinks about me

As a continuing part of a series of people who commented on me... Here comes ELANGO.
I know elango for the past 5 years now. (Almost ... 5) We were collegemates and he was a pretty much quiet guy.
Well here is what he had to say about me.....

1. Your name: Elango.R

2. Where did we meet?: MIT

3. How long have you known me?: 4yrs

4. How well do you know me (a lot, not so much, nothing)?: not so much

5. When you first saw me what was your first impression?
bandha party.. namma freshers party.. "My hobbies are reading books, elocution and etc etc.." oray sema peterana un replies.. :)

6. Your birthday?: 11th april

7. Hair Color?: Black

8. eye Color ?: Black

9. Do you remember the first things I said to you when we first met? sathyama nyabagam illa

10. What's your fav type of music?: melody

11.What's one of your fav things to do outdoors?: walking, apdiyey veydipaathukittu

12. Are you shy or outgoing? hmm.. outgoing illa.. so vera option illama, shy :)

13. Would you consider me a friend?: yes

14. Have you ever seen me cry? If yes, when?: No

15. If there were one good nickname for me, what would it be? Mama

AM I………. ?!?!?!?
17. Quiet or loud? sema satham...(loud)

18. Short or Tall: tall

19.Weird or original: original

20. Smart or stupid? rendum seynthu kalavai ne.. depends on the situation

21. Boring or Fun? 40%boring,50%informative,10%fun - namma interaction tour or seniors farewell(2nd yrla)seriya nyabagam illa.. appo konjam ne enjoy panni paathirukaen..

22. Attractive or Unattractive? For the knowledge u have, u r attractive.. but physical appearance, konjam wt koracha nalla irukum DO YOU THINK I'M... (yes or no, if u wanna say something extra say it)

23.A psycho? neraya nerathula psycho maadhiri thoniruku.. epponu keykatha.. nybaga paduthilam paaka mudiyathu.. nybagam vechikara alavukku mosamana incidents ethvum illa

24.Athlethic? not el all

25. A nerd? of course

26. Two-faced? sometimes..yes

27.Immature? therila.. 28. Mature? sila nerathula.. ne seira vishayangal practical and matured


29. What is the worst thing about me? not so adaptive.. na pudicha muyalukku moonu kaal type.. friendlyya move pandrathu kashtam..

30. When is my birthday? itha naan pala thadava keytirukan.. aana ne sonnathu illa.. yeno therila
31. Who is my best friend? ithu enaku therila.. iruntha santhosham

32. What song(if any)reminds you of me? no particular song

33. Do I remind you of any characters on TV? no no no...

34. If you could rename me, what would my name be? Mr.Hari Sadu

35. A feature that you like about me as a person: Straight forward

36. If you could give me anything, what would it be? kandippa advice illa

37. If you could describe me in one word, what would it be? Independent

38. What word do I say all the time? I,me,myself (SS music program illa, ne solldrathu dhan englishla illa tamila)
39. Is there anything you'd like to say me – kandippa intha column blanka dhan viduvaen..( )

The reason for the last column being blank is that according to me Elango's most annoying characteristic feature is that he advises people too much. (now these days, he has stopped all that... )
This is it from Elango. We shall see what someone else has said about me some other day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 by Hari
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What Does My BEST FRIEND Think About me ????

Now if you think I might have received flattering replies to this question... You are mistaken.
Here is what my Best Friend wrote about me....

1. Your name:E********* (I want this person to be only my friend... So no names here.... :) )

2. Where did we meet?: School….actual meet was in nsn(wen u were civil that is)

3. How long have you known me?: nov 19th 2001 (A small correction is to be made here.. It is November 24th 2001

4. How well do you know me (a lot, not so much, nothing)?: I really don’t kno…sometimes I think I kno u like the back of my hand….and sometimes I feel I don’t kno u at all….

5. When you first saw me what was your first impression?

..till u messed with me I was kinda neutral then after that olive maam class incident…I decided…u were the most arrogant person on the planet….

(Adra Adra Adra ... This is just the beginning people... Jus watch out for the later ones.... )

6. Your birthday?: u should kno
7. Hair Color?: black
8. Eye Color ?:brown

9. Do you remember the first things I said to you when we first met?

..the first nice thing u said to me was “happy birthday”…..

(So that means he/she agrees that there were some other things that qualify as first thing... Good .... :) )

10. What's your fav type of music?: SOFT SLOW SAD NUMBERS …AND REALLY PEPPY ONES

11.What's one of your fav things to do outdoors?: GET WET IN THE RAIN, LONG DRIVES
12. Are you shy or outgoing? outgoing
13. Would you consider me a friend?: definitely(not sure abt wheather u do however ???)

(This question was taken up seriously and later resolved :) )

14. Have you ever seen me cry? If yes, when?: no....
15. If there were one good nickname for me, what would it be? ……. Still thinking……
16.I had broccoli stuck on my teeth, would you tell me?
Ya,,,and I ‘d laugh my head off….

AM I………. ?!?!?!?
17. Quiet or loud? hmmmmmmmm
18. Short or Tall: tall compared to Indian guys…..

19.Weird or original: original

20. Smart or stupid? Smart with regards to academics…stupid with regard to relationships……

21. Boring or Fun? Fun….

22. Attractive or Unattractive…. :-) (I’m am not gonna flatter you-)

Later when I pestered this person to answer... I had this answer ...


(Oh Boy ... Oh Boy .... Oh Boy.... I am on cloud nine ... )

DO YOU THINK I'M... (yes or no, if u wanna say something extra say it)
23.A psycho? no
24.Athlethic? no…were u ever into sports???

25. A nerd? YES—at least that’s the pic u painted in school
26. Two-faced? NO
27.Immature? LOTS OF TIMES



On further communication this was the reply i received.....


30. When is my birthday? Oct 5 th

31. Who is my best friend? U tell me…..

32. What song(if any)reminds you of me? -------

33. Do I remind you of any characters on TV?...hrithik

(If you think this is a bit too much... You either abide by the caption of my blog or else press Alt + F4. )

34. If you could rename me, what would my name be? Hari suits u just fine……

35. A feature that you like about me as a person: This is unfortunately yet to be answered...

36. If you could give me anything, what would it be? Whatever u need…. (REally ???? :P )

37. If you could describe me in one word, what would it be? …complicated….

38. What word do I say all the time? Yes??

(For the uninitiated ... I often say... YES YES YES .... And it so happened that in the end i was given the nickname bus conductor ... :) )

39. Is there anything you'd like to say me

–hmmm…wen people care abt u don’t take that for granted…..and don’t hang on to ur pride so much that u cant even see wen u r hurting someone……stop throwing anything one says bac in their faces..especially after they have said sorry…….stop taking my friendship for granted……it really hurts wen u do that…….and stop saying no when ever I ask u to do something..that hurts even more…..u have been my best friend for the past 7 yrs..and at no pt in the last 7 yrs has that ever changed….

(Adra Adra Adra.... Itha Itha Itha thaan naan ethirpaarthen.... )

My Best friend is still mad at me.... for predominantly one reason....

I am yet to write a testimonial for him/her on Orkut...
But the problem was that I wanted to be the first one
(Atleast among friends... Oh I forgot to tell... This person has a huge circle of friends.... so i often put it across sarcastically ... )
to write a testimonial . But he/she had already accepted a number of testimonials.
My rule is simple in the case of my best friend... Either I'm first, or else i don't figure in it at all ...
So applying that rule.... I figured out that i shouldn't be writing a testimonial for her at all....
So , Sorry Dear.... I'm very firm in my decisions.. as you have mentioned it before.... Please refer point 29 .... :)

You still have a chance though... I write a testimonial for you... But you shouldn't be accepting any more testimonials after that ... Is that ok... Not OK.. ??? then get the testimonials of all those people whom you want to write a testimonial for you and then let me know...
Remember with Hari... you always have three options... My Way, HighWay , or NO WAY .... !!!!!

(P.S. I'm damn sure this person is gonna be damn pissed off at me... but i'm sure he/she can understand ... :) )

Friday, February 8, 2008 by Hari

Yaksha Prashnam --- Dialogue between Yudhishtra and Yaksha in Mahabharata

This is the famous dialogue between the Yaksha and Yudhishtra in the Mahabharata. When 4 of the pancha pandavas swooned after drinking the water of the pond paying no heed to words of the oracle, Yudhishtra came on the scene and understood that it was not the work of an ordinary human being but that of a supernatural being. The voice challenged him to answer the questions that he will ask and Yudhistra accepts... The voice turns out to be voice of a Yaksha ... And here goes the rest of the dialogue....

"Yatha prajnam tu te prashnan prati vakshyami prccha mam (Ask me and I will answer as best as I can)."

The Yaksha then said, What is it that makes the Sun rise? Who keeps him company? Who causes him to set? And in whom is he established?
Yudhishthira answered, Brahma makes the Sun rise: the gods keep him company: Dharma causes him to set: and he is established in truth.

The Yaksha asked, By what does one become learned? By what does he attain what is very great? How can one have a second? And, O king, how can one acquire ntelligence?
Yudhishthira answered, It is by the Srutis that a person becomes learned; it is by ascetic austerities that one acquires what is very great: it is by intelligence that a person acquires a second and it is by serving the old that one becomes wise.

The Yaksha asked, What constitutes the divinity of the Brahmanas? What even is their practice that is like that of the pious? What also is the human attribute of the Brahmanas? And what practice of theirs is like that of the impious?
Yudhishthira answered, The study of the Vedas constitutes their divinity: their asceticism constitutes behaviour that is like that of the pious; their liability to death is their human attribute and slander is their impiety.

The Yaksha asked, What institutes the divinity of the Kshatriyas? What even is their practice that is like that of the pious? What is their human attribute? And what practice of theirs is like that of the impious?
Yudhishthira answered, Arrows and weapons are their divinity: celebration of sacrifices is that act which is like that of the pious: liability to fear is their human attribute; and refusal of protection is that act of theirs which is like that of the impious.

The Yaksha asked, What is that which constitutes the Sama of the sacrifice? What the Yajus of the sacrifice? What is that which is the refuge of a sacrifice? And what is that which sacrifice cannot do without?
Yudhishthira answered, Life is the Sama of the sacrifice; the mind is the Yajus of the sacrifice: the Rik is that which is the refuge of the sacrifice; and it is Rik alone which sacrifice cannot do without.

The Yaksha asked, What is of the foremost value to those that cultivate? What is of the foremost value to those that sow? What is of the foremost value to those that wish for prosperity in this world? And what is of the foremost value to those that bring forth?
Yudhishthira answered, That which is of the foremost value to those that cultivate is rain: that of the foremost value to those that sow is seed: that of the foremost value to those that bring forth is offspring.

The Yaksha asked, What person, enjoying all the objects of the senses, endued with intelligence, regarded by the world and liked by all beings, though breathing, is not yet alive?
Yudhishthira answered, The person, who does not offer anything to these five, viz., gods, guests, servants, Pitris, and himself, though endued with breath, is not yet alive.

The Yaksha asked, What is weightier than the earth itself? What is higher than the heavens?' What is fleeter than the wind? And what is more numerous than grass?
Yudhishthira answered, The mother is weightier than the earth; the father is higher than the heaven; the mind is fleeter than the wind; and our thoughts are more numerous than grass.

The Yaksha asked, What is that which does not close its eyes while asleep; What is that which does not move after birth? What is that which is without heart? And what is that which swells with its own impetus?
Yudhishthira answered, A fish does not close its eyes while asleep: an egg does not move after birth: a stone is without heart: and a river swells with its own impetus.

The Yaksha asked, Who is the friend of the exile? Who is the friend of the householder? Who is the friend of him that ails? And who is the friend of one about to die?
Yudhishthira answered, The friend of the exile in a distant land is his companion, the friend of the householder is the wife; the friend of him that ails is the physician: and the friend of him about to die is charity.

The Yaksha asked, Who is the guest of all creatures? What is the eternal duty? What, O foremost of kings, is Amrita? And what is this entire Universe?
Yudhishthira answered, Agni is the guest of all creatures: the milk of cows is amrita: Homa is the eternal duty: and this Universe consists of air alone.

The Yaksha asked, What is that which sojourns alone? What is that which is re-born after its birth? What is the remedy against cold? And what is the largest field?
Yudhishthira answered, The sun sojourns alone; the moon takes birth anew: fire is the remedy against cold: and the Earth is the largest field.

The Yaksha asked, What is the highest refuge of virtue? What of fame? What of heaven? And what, of happiness?
Yudhishthira answered, Liberality is the highest refuge of virtue: gift, of fame: truth, of heaven: and good behaviour, of happiness.

The Yaksha asked, What is the soul of man? Who is that friend bestowed on man by the gods? What is man's chief support? And what also is his chief refuge?
Yudhishthira answered, The son is a man's soul: the wife is the friend bestowed on man by the gods; the clouds are his chief support; and gift is his chief refuge.

The Yaksha asked, What is the best of all laudable things? What is the most valuable of all his possessions? What is the best of all gains? And what is the best of all kinds of happiness?
Yudhishthira answered, The best of all laudable things is skill; the best of all possessions is knowledge: the best of all gains is health: and contentment is the best of all kinds of happiness.

The Yaksha asked, What is the highest duty in the world? What is that virtue which always bears fruit? What is that which if controlled, leads not to regret? And who are they with whom an alliance cannot break?
Yudhishthira answered, The highest of duties is to refrain from injury: the rites ordained in the Three (Vedas) always bear fruit: the mind, if controlled, leads to no regret: and an alliance with the good never breaks.

The Yaksha asked, What is that which, if renounced, makes one agreeable? What is that which, if renounced, leads to no regret? What is that which, if renounced, makes one wealthy? And what is that which if renounced, makes one happy?
Yudhishthira answered, Pride, if renounced, makes one agreeable; wrath, if nounced leads to no regret: desire, if renounced, makes one wealthy: and avarice, if renounced, makes one happy.

The Yaksha asked, For what does one give away to Brahmanas? For what to mimes and dancers? For what to servants? And for what to king?
Yudhishthira answered, It is for religious merit that one gives away to Brahmanas: it is for fame that one gives away to mimes and dancers: it is for supporting them that one gives away to servants: and it is for obtaining relief from fear that one gives to kings.

The Yaksha asked, With what is the world enveloped? What is that owing to which a thing cannot discover itself? For what are friends forsaken? And for what does one fail to go to heaven?
Yudhishthira answered, The world is enveloped with darkness. Darkness does not permit a thing to show itself. It is from avarice that friends are forsaken. And it is connection with the world for which one fails to go to heaven.

The Yaksha asked, For what may one be considered as dead? For what may a kingdom be considered as dead? For what may a Sraddha be considered as dead? And for what, a sacrifice?
Yudhishthira answered, For want of wealth may a man be regarded as dead. A kingdom for want of a king may be regarded as dead. A Sraddha that is performed with the aid of a priest that has no learning may be regarded as dead. And a sacrifice in which there are no gifts to Brahmanas is dead.

The Yaksha asked,--'What constitutes the way? What, has been spoken of as water? that, as food? And what, as poison? Tell us also what is the proper time of a Sraddha, and then drink and take away as much as you liked!
Yudhishthira answered, They that are good constitute the way. Space has been spoken of as water. The cow is food. A request is poison. And a Brahmana is regarded as the proper time of a Sraddha. I do not know what you may think of all this, O Yaksha?

The Yaksha asked, What has been said to be the sign of asceticism? And what is true restraint? What constitutes forgiveness. And what is shame?
Yudhishthira answered, Staying in one's own religion is asceticism: the restraint of the mind is of all restraints the true one: forgiveness consists in enduring enmity; and shame, in withdrawing from all unworthy acts.

The Yaksha asked, What, O king is said to be knowledge? What, tranquility? What constitutes mercy? And what has been called simplicity?
Yudhishthira answered, True knowledge is that of Divinity. True tranquility is that of the heart. Mercy consists in wishing happiness to all. And simplicity is equanimity of heart.

The Yaksha asked, What enemy is invincible? What constitutes an incurable disease for man? What sort of a man is called honest and what dishonest?
Yudhishthira answered, Anger is an invincible enemy. Covetousness constitutes an incurable disease. He is honest that desires the weal of all creatures, and he is dishonest who is unmerciful.

The Yaksha asked, What, O king, is ignorance? And what is pride? What also is to be understood by idleness? And what has been spoken of as grief?
Yudhishthira answered, True ignorance consists in not knowing one's duties. Pride is a consciousness of one's being himself an actor or sufferer in life. Idleness consists in not discharging one's duties, and ignorance in grief.

The Yaksha asked, What has steadiness been said by the Rishis to be? And what, patience? What also is a real ablution? And what is charity?
Yudhishthira answered, Steadiness consists in one's staying in one's own religion, and true patience consists in the subjugation of the senses. A true bath consists in washing the mind clean of all impurities, and charity consists in protecting all creatures.

The Yaksha asked, What man should be regarded as learned, and who should be called an atheist? Who also is to be called ignorant? What is called desire and what are the sources of desire? And what is envy?
Yudhishthira answered, He is to be called learned who knows his duties. An atheist is he who is ignorant and so also he is ignorant who is an atheist. Desire is due to objects of possession, and envy is nothing else than grief of heart.

The Yaksha asked, What is pride, and what is hypocrisy? What is the grace of the gods, and what is wickedness?
Yudhishthira answered, Stolid ignorance is pride. The setting up of a religious standard is hypocrisy. The grace of the gods is the fruit of our gifts, and wickedness consists in speaking ill of others.

The Yaksha asked, Virtue, profit, and desire are opposed to one another. How could things thus antagonistic to one another exist together?
Yudhishthira answered, When a wife and virtue agree with each other, then all the three you have mentioned may exist together.

The Yaksha asked, Who is he that is condemned to everlasting hell? It behooves you to soon answer the question that I ask!
Yudhishthira answered, He that summons a poor Brahmana promising to make him a gift and then tells him that he has nothing to give, goes to everlasting hell. He also must go to everlasting hell, who imputes falsehood to the Vedas, the scriptures, the Brahmanas, the gods, and the ceremonies in honour of the Pitris, He also goes to everlasting hell who though in possession of wealth, never gives away nor enjoys himself from avarice, saying, he has none.

The Yaksha asked, By what, O king, birth, behaviour, study, or learning does a person become a Brahmana? Tell us with certitude!
Yudhishthira answered, Listen, O Yaksha! It is neither birth, nor study, nor learning, that is the cause of Brahmanahood, without doubt, it is behaviour that constitutes it. One's behaviour should always be well-guarded, especially by a Brahmana. He who maintains his conduct unimpaired, is never impaired himself. Professors and pupils, in fact, all who study the scriptures, if addicted to wicked habits, are to be regarded as illiterate wretches. He only is learned who performs his religious duties. He even that has studied the four Vedas is to be regarded as a wicked wretch scarcely distinguishable from a Sudra (if his conduct be not correct). He only who performs the Agnihotra and has his senses under control, is called a Brahmana!

The Yaksha asked, What does one gain that speaks agreeable words? What does he gain that always acts with judgment? What does he gain that has many friends? And what he, that is devoted to virtue?
Yudhishthira answered, He that speaks agreeable words becomes agreeable to all. He that acts with judgment obtains whatever he seeks. He that has many friends lives happily. And he that is devoted to virtue obtains a happy state (in the next world).

The Yaksha asked, Who is truly happy? What is most wonderful? What is the path? And what is the news? Answer these four questions of mine and let your dead brothers revive.
Yudhishthira answered, O amphibious creature, a man who cooks in his own house, on the fifth or the sixth part of the day, with scanty vegetables, but who is not in debt and who stirs not from home, is truly happy. Day after day countless creatures are going to the abode of Yama, yet those that remain behind believe themselves to be immortal. What can be more wonderful than this? Argument leads to no certain conclusion, the Srutis are different from one another; there is not even one Rishi whose opinion can be accepted by all; the truth about religion and duty is hid in caves: therefore, that alone is the path along which the great have trod. This world full of ignorance is like a pan. The sun is fire, the days and nights are fuel. The months and the seasons constitute the wooden ladle. Time is the cook that is cooking all creatures in that pan (with such aids); this is the news.

The Yaksha asked, You have, O repressor of foes, truly answered all my questions! Tell us now who is truly a man, and what man truly possesses every kind of wealth.
Yudhishthira answered, The report of one's good action reaches heaven and spreads over the earth. As long as that report lasts, so long is a person to whom the agreeable and the disagreeable, weal and woe, the past and the future, are the same, is said to possess every kind of wealth.

The Yaksha said, You have, O king truly answered who is a man, and what man possesses every kind of wealth. Therefore, let one only among your brothers, whom you may wish, get up with life!

Yudhishthira answered, Let this one that is of darkish hue, whose eyes are red, who is tall like a large Sala tree, whose chest is broad and arms long, let this Nakula, O Yaksha, get up with life!

The Yaksha rejoined, This Bhimasena is dear unto you, and this Arjuna also is one upon whom all of you depend! Why, then, O king do you, wish a step-brother to get up with his life! How can you, forsaking Bhima whose strength is equal to that of ten thousand elephants, wish Nakula to live? People said that this Bhima was dear to you. From what motive then do you wish a step-brother to revive? Forsaking Arjuna the might of whose arm is worshipped by all the sons of Pandu, why do you wish Nakula to revive?

Yudhishthira said, If virtue is sacrificed, he that sacrifices it, is himself lost. So virtue also cherishes the cherisher. Therefore taking care that virtue by being sacrificed may not sacrifice us, I never forsake virtue. Abstention from injury is the highest virtue, and is, I ween, even higher than the highest object of attainment. I endeavour to practise that virtue. Therefore, let Nakula, O Yaksha, revive! Let men know that the king is always virtuous! I will never depart from my duty. Let Nakula, therefore, revive! My father had two wives, Kunti and Madri. Let both of them have children. This is what I wish. As Kunti is to me, so also is Madri. There is no difference between them in my eye. I desire to act equally towards my mothers. Therefore, let Nakula live?

The Yaksha said, Since abstention from injury is regarded by you as higher than both profit and pleasure, therefore, let all your brothers live..!

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Names of the 100 Kauravas

We all know the names of the pancha pandavas
and Sahadeva...

But have we ever paid attention to the fact that whether we know the names of the 100 Kauravas that were born to Gandhari....

Well.. here they are.. I can assure you that they are not found anywhere on the internet to my knowledge.... I must thank one of my colleagues for helping me find this out.......


Daughter: Dussala

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