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Well, I’ve been just one month into this IPL extravaganza, and I am already beginning to like BCCI and its policies. When the ICL began to expand, beginning to take foreign players under its wings, it was Mr. Sharad Pawar who had said that the exercise was futile and according to him people would not want to watch old players battling on a cricket field and would rather prefer watching some fresh blood doing the job.

Well some fresh blood are doing ‘the job’ on the field no doubt, but why recruit the same old players into IPL, when you do not want to see them battling on the field ? Perfect examples : Warne and McGrath, rumored to be into the ICL, and then overnight things take a turn and presto ! Warne is the coach cum captain of the Rajasthan Royals team ! Wow, that was quite remarkable BCCI.

While the BCCI has already served a ban on any cricketer, Ranji or International,who team up with ICL, It hardly comes as surprise to note that most of the players who first teamed up with ICL were Ranji cricketers. The reason ? Three fold. The lure of twenty twenty cricket with all its frills, the thrill of being in something which is so creative and different, and the most important factor, most of the players who have signed up for the ICL, have been Ranji players who have literally been ignored, or their cricketing skills rotting, due to the devouring greed of the BCCI. So what is wrong in ICL ?

Ok, so what if there is a life time ban ? Am sure that is not going to desist anybody from playing to their maximum potential. And a ban is not going to do any good for the BCCI, rather it is going to come right back to it as a resounding slap on its face. Take the case of a player like Ambati Rayudu, who played brilliantly. Now he has talent. But will he be ignored by selectors ? Reason being because he played in a rebel league ? Is this the answer BCCI going to give ? I am impressed.

The BCCI also took decisions like stopping pension to former players who align with the ICL. What Kapil had to say for this was --- "I did not go to them asking for pension and if they want to stop it, what can I do? Let them stop it,"

Like Us …. Kapil is clueless as to what made BCCI see a potential rival in the ICL and target those associated with the league.

"Why do they see ICL as a parallel or rebel body? The BCCI is trying to promote the game in India and if somebody else is pumping in more money why is it a problem with them? This league can help the BCCI only. This can help Indian cricket and shape so many careers. What is BCCI's problem?" is Kapil’s Question.
I think I might have an answer to it. Money Money and Money. Perhaps the World’s richest cricketing body, not satisfied with its coffers full is now intent on making more money, and it wants to make it without competition.
ICL if endorsed, would take up or rather ‘eat-away’ more than half of the revenue derived from the game, thus leaving the poor and gullible BCCI to somehow manage with the money left behind.
With bollywood celebrities thrown in, cheerleaders from America, Industrialists owning teams, IPL is all set to sell cricket to a cricket crazy nation. All this is fine, but where are the players. No doubt there will be young blood in this money crazy format, but what happens to those less unfortunate counterparts of these young lads,who were once promised a place in the national team and then forgotten.
The 'rebel' League was played with great sportsmanship. There was no greed. The entertainment was the cricket—not film stars. There were cheerleaders too. There was festivity in the air too, then why does the media talk as if the IPL' is a trendsetter?
Ok so what happens after the IPL. Unlike the ICL, IPL has no plans of launching into the 50-50 format. It finds the 20-20 more lucrative. But ICL has already made plans and is now going to launch a 50-50 ODI tournament followed by a test one too. There is plenty of room in ICL.
I can see that there is plenty of money in the ICL.There were many match winning performances from faces that were unknown even to their own states. And if you were to ask me what IPL is to Indian Cricket… A big (expensive) joke !

Tuesday, June 10, 2008 by Hari
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