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James Rollins - The Last Oracle

The Last Oracle - James Rollins

This is another of the Sigma Force novels.
I was able to finish the novel in a single day, single sitting..
Quite an achievement, because i am known as a person who does, or atleast tries to do, too many things at a time ... !!!!!!

The plot of the story is pretty simple. It is very similar to that of Black Order (another Sigma novel - James Rollins).

The story begins with the Oracle at Delphi escaping the wrath of the Roman/Greek Emperors.
The story then shifts to the present setting, starting with a man dying in the arms of Pierce Gray, a senior officer at the Sigma. He later finds out that the man, was a guy named Polk, and he had infact founded the Sigma. The man dies giving a coin depicting the temple at Delphi, to Gray, who is mystified. Polk was murdered by some people who did not want their secrets to be exposed.The story then brings in Polk's daughter, Elizabeth Polk and a man named Kowalski. Now if you are wondering whether the name sounds familiar. It sure is. It is the name of the body guard in 'The Day of the Jackal' by Forsyth. and the characterisation is also very much similar.
Polk was trying to protect a gifted child, Sasha. One who was capable of predicting or knowing the future. But he had known too much and he had to be killed by Russian soldiers in America.
Gray later learns that MapleThorpe was a guy with the Defence and Intelligence Division and it was he who was spearheading this cartel and was ready to go to any extent, to get the possession of the girl.
The story then takes a number of twists and turns. With psychic children thrown in as autistic savants, and the Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor, the story takes a global approach. Finally all the protagonists are lead to Chernobyl.
There is also a security breach at Sigma.With Painter calling in a firestorm.
Monk who was lost in 'The Judas Strain' and is shown as sending a SOS signal to Gray. Is shown alive but his memory is 'operated' upon by the Russians, and is made to appear like he is in amnesia.
He is the one who guides the chosen 'Omega' Children away from the danger.
How the American President is protected from the danger, how the evil designs of Nicolas and Savina Mortov fail, How Monk finally gets to meet his colleagues and wife and children is the climax of the story.

The story begins with a furious pace and is a page turner for quite some time, then it loses its speed. Picks it up after some time again. It is really a roller coaster ride.
Reads well.
For someone who has read 'Black Order' the plot will appear vaguely similar. And that is the turn off.
Why is that the Russians are always the 'EVIL' force. The ones to be fought, the ones who must not take control of the world. !!!!
I don understand that.

Anyway the book is a good read.
Read it ..

My opinion ----
If you have never read a James Rollins before, Read this....
If you have .. then just read this review. It is simply not worth the effort and time.

P.S -> I read an electronic copy of the book which was stored in mediafire by some good soul ....
Thanks to him ...
Here is the link ...

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