Ah...!!! Lessons to be Learnt from Alaipayuthey .... !!

I came across this article after about 10 years and this brought a smile to my face ...

These were the 20 lessons that were to be learnt from Alaipayuthey ...

1. Never miss a marriage of your friend in the village because some city figures do come there and they may or you may get interested in each other.

2. Never ask a stranger about a girl unless you are sure that he is not her father.

4. If you travel by train please look out of the window ... :-)

5. All software engineers think logically... [Or at least they think so] otherwise how would you endup to 70 females from 3.5 million??
[And they have a couple of them as friends who would agree to this logic]

6. When you first meet your girl and she shouts at you and asks whether you have no other work, take this word:" that is the best sign a relationship can get
started with" and don't forget to speed in the beach shouting at the top of your voice "Ava enna thittita!!!"

7. The easiest way to let your parents know your lover is to invite her to your house and inform others about your plan.
[and she should know to sing "alaipayuthey"with a voice like Harini!]

8. When you say "I love you" try to know what it means because girls nowadays expect you to know what it means..
[Hero: "I Love You" Heroine:"appadina"??]

9. Never let your parents to go and do the talking! They spoil it up.

10. When a girl says about 20 weeks and 20 months logic wrt lover and parents don't worry, she would bethe first one to defect!

11. When your daughters suddenly wear gorgeous Saris please be sure that she is either going to her kadhalan's house for a function or getting thiruttu

12. When you do a "Thiruttu Kalyanam" get Rahman to sing his version of "Mangalyam Thanthunane" since the old version is considered unauspicious
in such occasions!

13. Even marriage registrars are happy about "thiruttu kalyanams".

14. Your house owner is not worried about you working in a software company or an underwear company ;-)

15. When you hug your wife's sister [for reasons ofyour own] make sure your wife is not in the vicinity.Your wife's husband won't mind though.

16. There is some "Ilicha vaayan" Software company in California who would give a $2 million contract to a software outfit in Chennai with a staffing
of 5 to 6 people.

17. If one of your friends or brother go for "Pen Parkkum Padalam", go with him since she might have a younger sister who might "not" be married

18. Even Doctors are caught up in the TLA [Three Letter Acronyms] frenzy. They have their own TIG [Trust in God]

19. After Doctors say TIG, it is finally the lover crying in the bedside which would finally let the patient come out of Coma.

20.Finally the message of the film: When you talkto your girl please add this line:
"Nee alaga illai..nee illama vazha mudiyathunnu ninaikkale....aana please road cross pannum pothu paathu cross pannu"

Monday, August 24, 2009 by Hari
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