Feeling Happy .... :)

Finally I managed to clear my certification ...
No hassles at all.. Except for a couple of goofups at my end. I kept my registration confirmation papers in the ATM and then forgot to take it ... And what a mess it created.... !!! But as they say...

Well begun is Half done and All's well that ends well... So That explains it...

I've got a 96% in the certi, Thanks to the Question papers. I say my heartfelt thanks to the guy who has taken the pains to create the question paper... almost all questions came from there, without even a word change !!!

Was so happy Yesterday...that I finally managed to see a movie that I wanted to see for more than 10 years... Which one ? :P

Watch out for the next post .. !!! :)

P.S: But in the meanwhile.. You can still be wishin' and hopin'.. !!! :)
Hope you got the clue.... :) :) :D

Sunday, August 30, 2009 by Hari
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