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I still remember the day, when I first read a Hindi Story called 'Hansi ke Mukhaute' - (Mask of Laughter). The story, written in simple and easy to understand Hindi, goes something like this.

There is this person A, who goes to a town and to his surprise finds a long lost friend of his, B, waiting for him at railway station. After initial formalities, A comes to know that B had resigned his job at the newspaper. A is now worried about the fact that B will ask him for monetary help. B tells A that he had a son, who died barely a month after going to work. And that his daughter was helping him these days. His wife had gone to her parents' place for a change of mind. A feels very guilty about this. But all this while B never asks A for any favor. B even pays up the food bill. B makes A promise that A will have dinner at his place, before catching the night's train back home. A relents. In the evening, A comes to B's place, only to realise that his friend was living a miserable life. B does not have anything to offer as dinner, and A decides to board the train stating the reason that he usually fasts at night. A week later, A gets a letter from B's daughter stating her helplessness that night, due to lack of money and she forced herself to come home late so that the guests have gone. After reading this letter all A could see was B's laughing face and tears streaming down his face.

The reason this story is so special to me, is that, this was one of the first stories that I translated from Hindi to English and I must say, I did a very good job out of it. Unfortunately I've lost that diary, but if anybody can get me a copy of this story, I am more than ready to rewrite it in English.

Thursday, August 27, 2009 by Hari
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  1. "I've lost that diary," - I know how you might be feeling since anything we do with passion, particularly for the first time, stays with us...

  2. Simply buy an 8th Standard Book for Hindi ( CBSE ). You will find the story.

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