"princess-musings" hunh ??

My best friend decided to create a blog, she dint bother to tell me.
She created the blog, I was not informed.
She posted something, 2 and a half hours ago, I was not told.
I still don't know what is her blog called....

Wah kya dosti nibhayi.... ???

I am not surprised.. not at all... and for this... I have decided,

I will read her blog.
I will quote her from her blog.
I will spread the word around, about her blog.

But I won't post a comment on her blog !!!!!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009 by Hari
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  1. So how did u find out??? Anyway..That was more like a personal journal..And something i did on a whim..So no Quoting and all..PLZ :)

    Did not mean to upset u...Or hurt u..And certainly did not mean to make u angry..I told none....Not even mom or dad....and u kno damn well that i "nibhayi" dosti damn well..So dont give me that crap...And lose the anger,Bullshit ,Disappointment labels....

  2. I found out that, when I posted that scrap about your address in orkut. It said homepage updated, and I checked it out. Found out that you created a blog, a couple of hours ago, and ironically now say it is a personal journal .. so does that mean, I am not supposed to check it out ?

    O.K. to the fact that you did not want to upset or hurt me. But I remember very clearly, when I created a blog 2 years ago, did I not send out the first mail to you ?

    Fine.. Forget it.. Let's close this here. I respect your need for privacy. Period.

  3. And no... I am not removing those tags... :) :D

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