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Of Singers, Wiki and Madras Tamizh ... !!!!!

Was actually reading Chinmayi's Blog ...

(I know I am reading a slightly old blog, but never mind.. I like it. Moreoever, she has sung one of my most favorite songs... "Oru Deivam Thantha Poove".. I don't know why, But somehow, that song always moves me to tears... Actually speaking... I have not listened to the Chinmayi Version completely... (Oops.. I'm sorry Chinmayi.. I am very blunt on this... !!!) Because, most of the time I listen to the Jayachandran Version.. Let me tell you.. It is probably his voice, that gives the song such a melancholic strain... But nevertheless... one of the best pieces I've ever heard... Chinmayi sings a kind of background aalap.. I don't know what is the technical parlance for it... She does a commendable job in my favorite version, and that is the reason, why I've liked her singing... And of course, one very important thing.. I've almost seen her grow.. From Sapthaswarangal... To ASS... She has come a long way.. I remember, Srinivas's Tears when he heard Chinmayi sing on Sapthaswarangal.. Gave me goose bumps.. anyway ... )

Somehow I've always liked that name Chinmayi... It gives me a somewhat 'at-peace' feeling and more so , It is one of the 1000 names of the Mother Goddess ... :) :) :)
One of my favorite Saharsanamams of all...

'Chinmayi Paramananda, Vigyana Ghanarupini'

Well...Let's cut back to the point...

She had mentioned that she had wiki-ed for Madras Tamizh.. so that is what i Did... And trust me.. I fell off my chair reading the list... It is quite a big page.. and Am posting only the last 20-30 lines over here... They were the true gems...

Naina! Vootle solltiya? Saavugraaki! -- By calling the other person naina and asking him whether he has taken leave of his loved ones, the speaker indicates that his interlocutor is driving in a very unsafe manner. The speaker uses saavugraaki to emphasise the point, thus asserting his superior driving skills in the situation.

Yaru theaterla yaru padam ootra...keenjidum screenu....bemani! -- It is used to indicate that other person is trying to show off at a place he does not belong to.

Bajarlai ushara illaina nijara kalatidu vaanga -- Have to be careful in public place or you will lose your underpants. Basically, this is to indicate that we have to be careful with our belongings in public places since pocket picking menace is very common and widely prevalent in Chennai and neighborhood.

Bikki kuduthutta -- Usually used in the context when a girl ditches a guy whimsically

Sevulu avul aiyidum or Sevulu keenjidum -- Used to indicate that a slap will reduce one's cheeks to powder.

Yaarume Illatha kadaiyila Yaarukuda tea aathura -- Acting smart to impress a sappa figure (implies a woman worth for nothing). (Literally, For whom are you making tea? when there is no customer in the shop)

Bulb adichaan da Goofed up and caught red-handed.

Nee Saavarthukku En Vandidhan Kadichidha??? Didn't you find any other vehicle other than mine to die. Often told by lorry, bus and car drivers to the person who crosses their path.

Un moonchile en peechang kaiye vaikka I'll put my left hand on your face. A threat, as a person's left hand is regarded as unclean. (This is due to the historic lack of toilet paper in rural areas.)(* Indians do not use toilet paper. The left hand is unclean because its used to wash after defecating).

Aiyya monjiya paru Literally meaning Look at that face implying that it is unsightly to behold. Commonly used, especially by females to insult males.

Enna Machi, Nalla Keeriya Machi technically means Brother-in-law, but it is very commonly used to address friends. In present day English, this might translate to - Hey Dude, Whassup?

Enna Friend-ae. Romba naala kandukkavae illayae?
Note the interesting usage of the word Friend in its literal sense. The sentence translates to - Hello Mate, Haven't heard from you in a while?

Figura paathu frienda cut panradhu Used to refer to a friend who chooses his girlfriend as a higher priority than his friend (platonic friend).

Vaailey vada suda tha Used to refer somebody who talks a lot but in reality they can never make a step towards what they have said (or) asking some one to avoid false commitments.

Machi naa eggurren Meaning Dude i'm leaving home. From 'egur' meaning jumping. Loosely means I am jumping ship.

Uttalakkadi goanya uzunthu ezunthu vaaya Used to refer some one who took a wrong way and struggling to find the right way.

Daavukku kannu dokku Meaning Love is blind here daavu refers to love, kannu refers to eye and dokku refers to blindness.

kootar adiccha korangu Used to refer crazy or maniacs who likes to annoy others. here kootar refers to (180ml or quarter of alcohol) and korangu refers to monkey. Note, kootar is pronounced like 'caught-er'.

Gourava baal Used to refer some who does things for the sake of prestige.

Laadu labbaku dhas or Laadu langotta , Used to refer some who thinks that they are always Laadu refers to 'Lord'.

Dumangoli, Used to refer to someone as chinna payan(little fellow) to denote his inexperience or someones actual size. Actual meaning(its the goli found in a goli soda).

Judgeju jamakkaalam, Used to refer some who confidently criticize others and they tend to do things always wrong .here Judgeu refers to 'Judge'.

Vakeel varavajeee, Used to refer some who talks about rights,law for every thing.

Goii used to express cheers or to wish a splendid performance.

Oothavan odi poittan, orama ninnu onnuku adichavan maatikinan, Used to refer to the fact that an accused person is in effect an innocent bystander. It literally means that the one who has had an illicit affair has run away while the person who was relieving himself in the vicinity was caught. This is also known as Nongu thinnavan odi pootan, nondi thandhavan maatikinaan.

Well.. To tell you folks the truth.. I had fun with this post...
Thanks to Chinmayi.. and of course, my ever digressing thinking.. I started with music and ended up with Madras Tamizh... :)

I guess.. I rock .. !!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009 by Hari
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The Countdown Begins...

6 members of my company are leaving Muscat.. for good... And I feel happy for them.... Together they have spent more than 7 years in Muscat !!!

As for us, the lesser mortals, who have to stay back ... Our countdown has begun. 100 Days more ..Exactly.. !!! and we have quite literally started counting down our days.

Throw in 24 Days as weekends... + another 5-6 during December. Bringing the Total to less than 70 Days altogether... Well.. I just pray to God, that these days just run past so quickly that no-one realises that the D-day has come.

Keeping my fingers crossed...

100.. 99.. 98..

by Hari
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Dilemma Dis-Illusioned

Well the story has been translated.
Both the climaxes have come out well...
My 'friends' say it has the Hari touch. :)
I don't know what that means... But let's hope it means something positive. :)

I might be posting the story pretty soon, on any one of the below mentioned crazy blogs... :) Lets see... What happens..

If any of you has really interesting tamizh stuff, and want to translate it to English, please free to contact me... I am willing to do it for free... (currently .. :) ) same case for Hindi to English.

I seem to be wasting my time .. I don't know why ... :(
Seem to be dis-illusioned with life itself...

Sigh ...

Life Goes on... I presume...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 by Hari
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I am a crazy Guy.. Ain't I ???

This is one of the craziest things I've ever done.
I've registered some 5 blogs in names which I never thought will use, all my life... :)

I guess, I am becoming crazy...

Monday, September 28, 2009 by Hari
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Movie Review :- The Reader

I watched this movie, after my friend CoolShiv (as I would like to call him... :) :P) wrote the review of the book, some 3 months back.

The Story line is simple, with no frills attached.
Hannah Schlink was a prison guard in the SS at Auschwitz during the WWII. In her later years, she meets this school 'kid' who is interested in her, and so is she. The relationship between Michael and Hannah becomes physical and they seem to have a relationship, even though they have nothing in common, and moreso, their age differences. Hannah always asks Michael to read to her and she enjoys being read to.
Hannah gets a promotion, moves to a desk job from a ticket collector, and soon Michael is left alone.

Michael sees Hannah, under bizarre circumstances, some 5 years later. Hannah is being convicted of murder of 300 people, during the Holocaust. My friend CoolShiv writes this piece beautifully...

"The circumstances of their death make her seem brutal while nobody could comprehend the reality in a way Hannah seems to. "

There is a slight twist to the tale here. I am deliberately not mentioning it.
Hannah is convicted to a life in Prison. But Michael is not able to forget her. She haunts him everywhere.

What happens to Michael and Hannah, is the crux of this story.

The Movie raises some difficult yet poignant questions,
"Is it ethically right to kill another human being, when you know, that under any case, they are going to die ?"
"Is it fair to get punished for doing your duty, no matter how moral or immoral it is ?
"What is the role of law and judiciary in a society ?"
"What is the framework within which the society operates ?"
"What is acceptable and what is not ?"

After having read CoolShiv's review of the book, I must mention it here, that the movie lives up to the name. Amazing portrayal by Kate Winslet. She definitely deserves the Oscar for this. Other characters were also equally good and given correct weightage, in my opinion.

Must watch, if you love watching non-contemporary movies.
I was simply 'Blown Away' by this one.

by Hari
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Should I or Shouldn't I ???

I am currently recording a short story by Sujatha (in Tamizh) for a cause.
When reading this aloud, suddenly the idea came to me, that I could infact translate it into English too... I've already started the work.
Would I be doing justice to the author, if I were to translate it ?
Or Do I have the creative liberty to alter the story of another writer, and give it a new twist to the story ?
I don't know. Am I doing some sort of plagiarism here..??

I love the way the original is written, of course, no denying that.
But I also like the way, I've thought about the climax. Should I or Shouldn't I ?

:( Am so confused....

Sunday, September 27, 2009 by Hari
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1.3 TB and counting... :)

I bought myself a(nother) 500 GB Hard Disk, bringing my total Memory available to 1.3 TeraBytes... :)

Currently I have close to 500 movies (out of which, more than 300 I have never heard about, 50 I've heard and about a 100 I have seen...)
Plenty of songs and of course, probably the world's best and the largest collection of non-technical ebooks... Trust me, when I say that, I am not boasting !!!
It is indeed the world's largest collection of ebooks... :)
Close to 20 GB Books on varied topics.. right from Alchemy to Astronauts...
I have often told my colleagues... Leave me, without food, water, T.V or A.C, sometimes even Internet, but not without my ebooks.. I can just spend hours and hours reading them... :)

BTW watched some movies this weekend...
"SwordFish" (Fantastic Screenplay),"Lucky Number Slevin" (for the second time),"Tomorrow Never Dies" (am becoming a James Bond Series fan now.).., "What a girl Wants" (Cute and simple)...
And of course, the nerve wracking, Cellular.. (Too good)... I just loved the movie...

Planning to watch :
"The Reader", "Hangover","Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" - any recommendations ???

BTW, Kate Winslet, shares my Birthday... :) One of the reasons, why she is my favorite... :)

by Hari
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Change is Good .. is Playing Around good too ?

I guess I have been playing around with my template settings for the blog... :)
comments and brickbats are welcome. .. :)

by Hari
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Ah... Ghosts of the Month gone past... !!!!

Back to Office, after 9 days holidays... !!!!
Its a mixed feeling...
Happy because, I think I did justice in the last two days of my holidays...
Sad, because, I think I wasted more than 5 days of it...

Anyway, let bygones be bygones.... Let's see what life has in store...
Now we are back to the 8 AM in the morning schedule... :(

by Hari
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Rendezvous with Rembrandt ..!!!!!

Yes... Can you believe it ??
Well I can't either... But yes it's true... !!!

The Grand Hyatt Muscat, together with a leading Library in Oman, decided to have an exhibition of Rembrandt's works.. And I turned out to be one of the lucky few people, who get the opportunity of a see His works in Real...

I went this Thursday ... And It was just in the nick of time...

I loved many pieces, specially his etchings of Christ the King of Jews and the other one, depicting the Angel declaring to the shepherds, the Birth of the Messiah... Too good...

Overall an enriching and thrilling experience....

Will not forget it.. ever... !!!

Of course, and the highlight is the photo that I took just outside the Grand Hyatt... :)

A masterpiece by itself... :) :D

Saturday, September 19, 2009 by Hari
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UnnaiPol Oruvan - A Big Let Down... :( :( :(

A Warning to this who have seen the original - The Wednesday ...
Please remove all thoughts about the original from your mind.. Just forget the movie called Wednesday existed. You might be able to enjoy the tamizh version of it..

For those who have enjoyed the Original in its Original Form, will cringe at the dialogues. Almost all dialogues have been 'copied' as they are in their original form !! It is really painful to see such a thing. When a movie is being remade, we expect atleast the dialogues to avoid the cliched tone....

Mohanlal is good as the Commissioner, but, there is something that lacks in him... Kamal as the Unknown face, is good in parts... Not so impressive...

Highlight comedy of the movie.. Mohanlal walks into the IT Wing and says Attention, and everybody gets up ... :) :D We literally fell off our seats for that one...

I've never heard of such gross music in my life ...
Shruti would do good, if she only looked nice... Maybe music isn't in her blood...

Kamal's gross wordy description of the girl's murder could have been very well avoided. I felt the Hindi version, showing the Train sequences were good...

As the movie comes from Rajkamal stables, expectations are pretty high...
The movie disappoints.... Big time...

So this is a Kamal movie, Sans 'The Kamal' that we know...

by Hari
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The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown's Latest Novel - Review

So... Here we go ... !!!

I am not sure if I am doing the morally right thing, by posting the story line here.
Anyway... Here is the story line...

As usual Robert Langdon gets called at an odd hour by his closest friend and mentor, Peter Solomon. Langdon directly goes to Washington D.C without ascertaining the genuinity of the phone call. Peter's Sister Katherine is on the verge of a fantastic discovery in the field of Noetics. Langdon finds the severed hand of Peter in Capitol Hill and the story goes into Fourth Gear from there.
Then it is as usual Dan Brown stuff, with lots of codes, ciphers, Maps, puzzles, phrases, FreeMasonry, etc. Never realised that there were so many Masonic symbols hidden in open in America, and their literal as well as allegorical references.
There is a tattooed villain, who turns out to be someone very close to Peter and Katherine, and is always a step ahead of Peter and Katherine. Throw in CIA CO Director - Sato, and her assistant, who are hell bent on cracking the clues, together with Robert Langdon. Too many double crosses sometimes make you believe no-one.
Trust me, when I say this, This book is pure adrenalin and exhilaration from page One. Ironically, when there is too much of action, one begins to get tired, but Brown is not bothered about it. His story goes even faster and faster towards the so called end. However, the climax though it comes early in the conclusive parts of the novel, is a much stretched one. The story meanders long after the actual climax, taking Robert Langdon to a lot of places and revealing a number of things.

I go with the Pre-Release review of the book, This book definitely at one point of time, sounds quite encyclopaediacic. Almost all characters are shown knowledgeable in Masonry and Occult studies, which is somewhat strange and bizarre.

Too much gyan towards the end, about the esoteric values that Man must stand for.
The author tries the Da Vinci Code style in giving some ancient historic trivia in every page and he succeeds.

Good page turner. Must Read if you are a Dan Brown Fan.
I think Dan Brown can end the Robert Langdon series with this. This seems to be a nice ending to his story line, unless of course, he has something more explosive than this up his sleeve.

Overall, Pretty Good and racy book.

P.S: Copies are available all over the internet... :P :P :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 by Hari
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My Memoirs

Yep.. You read it right.. Am started with my memoirs.. but writing it down is soooooo painful.. takes a lot of efforts... and with my choice of words.. i wonder, if even half of what i write will be editable in the first place..

anyway..this blog post came up, because, i wanted to add a couple of incidents that happened when i was in school, and that i remembered, during a random discussion with my flat mates yesterday...

Chapters to include in the book -
The Story of V and Chapters 8.1,8.2,8.3 (+1 Physics)
The Triangular and then the Quadrangular Love Story....

:) :D


Tuesday, September 15, 2009 by Hari
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Chiru Rocks....

I came across, by chance, to this youtube link which says,
'Can anyone dance like this at the age of 55 ?'
I have favorited it in my orkut profile....

I now say that no-one.. NO ONE, can dance like any age...
What grace and what style... He was infact competing with Shreya in the song....
And the song was very catchy and peppy too...
Manmatha Manmatha... Mama Puthruda... Indrudai Chandrudai Kanna Kotteera... :)

Hav seen that video close to 30 times in as many hours till now...

Sunday, September 13, 2009 by Hari
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Review - Vicky Christina Barcelona

Amazing Movie. Worth a nomination to Oscar !!!

Here is the story line.

Vicky and Christina are two close friends who come to Barcelona for a pleasure trip. Vicky is the more serious one of the two, with more serious thoughts on commitment and morality, whereas Christina is more of the 'I'm falling in Love' types.

They both are warned about an artist at an exhibition, Juan Antonio, a man with a violent past and an even violent wife, with whom he had split up. Situations come up such that Juan Antonio, invites both Vicky and Christina to Oviedo, where he assures them, they will find a more surreal picture of the 'Catalan Identity'. In the evenings that follow, Christina ends up falling sick and Vicky finds the man interesting, though she initially detested him. They end up spending the night together in a burst of passion.

After coming back to Barcelona, Juan Antonio, avoids Vicky (for the reason, that she is engaged to be married, and does not want to confuse he ) and meets up with Christina, who had already developed a liking for him. Soon she moves in with him. Things seem to be going fine, when suddenly, Juan's ex-wife comes in. Maria Elena. Perfect foil for a spoilt wife.

She is beautiful, and jealous and at the same time, possessive and dotes on her husband. She is intrigued by the relationship that Christina shares with her husband, but realizes what it means to him and she too accepts her. Meanwhile,Vicky realises the guy she is married to, isn't the guy she wanted to marry, but it was because of the rules that she followed in her life, that she zeroed in on her guy - Doug. She now realises that though Juan loved her, he couldn't marry her, but knows that what passed between them was Love.

As days pass, Christina realizes that this isn't what she wanted, and decides to go back to America. Vicky confesses the whole thing to Christina, as she is her best friend. The story ends up in the same manner in which it started.

To quote wikipedia...
Doug never learns what truly happened. As the three Americans return home, Vicky goes back to her married life and Cristina remains where she started, knowing only what she doesn't want. Since Vicky chooses to live her rigidly planned (a "perfect") life, and Cristina chooses to live without making predetermined plans, they end where they began.

I loved the movie...
I personally thought, Rebecca Hall deserved an Oscar for her splendid portrayal of a confused woman, who yearns for love in her life.
Penelope Cruz was simply fantastic... One could see a myriad of emotions in her face... Amazing scenes... Penelope Cruz, as Maria Elena, Rocked... !!!!!!
Javier Bardem as Juan was O.K ... I personally felt, Brad Pitt would have suited the role better.... Even Pierce Brosnan, maybe...

Overall, A Good Movie... Definitely worth a watch... :)

by Hari
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Ghost of Sunday Past ..... :)

Sunday Morning Again ????
Back to work ... :(

Anyway, I watched Maasilamani and Vicky Christina Barcelona over the weekend + Recording for Anusha + 20 pages of certification material + Party on Thursday Evening + close to 1 GB Downloads..


by Hari
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To Love Oneself....

My BFF, is definitely gonna tease me, after reading this post. Yes, I finally agree, "To Love oneself, is indeed the beginning of a life long romance".

Watched this movie, "an Ideal Husband". My friend gave me the torrent and the whole thing got downloaded overnight .. But I couldn't make room to see it till yesterday.
Amazing movie. Superb Punchlines. Rupert Everette Rocks as Arthur... Amazing acting.
But of all the characters, my personal favorite was Julianne Moore, the scheming Mrs. Cheveley. OMG, what an actress !!! Amazing Villi. :):P. With as minimum expressions as possible, and that smug smile, she manages to upset many plans. And of course, dialogues are amazing. Each one of them is a gem by itself.

Some of my personal favorites :-

Mabel: Lord Goring, I gather you're to be congratulated.
Lord Arthur Goring: Well, there's nothing I like more than to be congratulated, though invariably I find the pleasure immeasurably increased when I know what for.

Lord Caversham: Now, if you don't make her an ideal husband, I'll cut you off with a shilling.
Mabel: An ideal husband? Oh, I don't think I should like that.
Lord Caversham: What do you want him to be then, my dear?
Mabel: I think he can be whatever he chooses.
Lord Caversham: You don't deserve her, sir.
Lord Arthur Goring: My dear father, if we men married the women we deserved... we should have a very bad time of it.

Lord Caversham: What are you doing here, sir? Wasting your time, as usual?
Lord Arthur Goring: My dear father, when one pays a visit, it is for the purpose of wasting other people's time and not one's own.

Lord Arthur Goring: To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.

Lord Arthur Goring: I love you... I love you.
Mabel: Is that your reason then?
Lord Arthur Goring: Mmm. Mabel, I said...
Mabel: I know.
Lord Arthur Goring: Well? Couldn't you you love me just a little bit in return?
Mabel: Arthur, you silly! If you knew anything about anything, which you don't, you would know that I absolutely adore you.
Lord Arthur Goring: Really?
Mabel: Mmm.
Lord Arthur Goring: Well, why didn't you say anything before?
Mabel: Because, dear boy, you never would have believed me.

This one is for my best friend.
Laura: Do you know, Gertrude, I don't mind your talking morality a bit.
Morality is simply the attitude we adopt towards people whom we personally dislike.

And the most riveting dialogue of them all...

Sir Robert Chiltern: I will give you any sum of money you want.
Laura: Even you are not rich enough to buy back your past, Sir Robert. No man is.

I cannot thank by best friend enough for such a wonderful movie !!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009 by Hari
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Week End is over for me...

Everybody gets the Monday morning Blues, We get the Sunday Morning blues.
Well the weekend's just got over.
I finished two good movies. Love Aaj Kal and Die Hard 2.0.
Review on Love Aaj Kal coming soon here... :)
Keep watching...

Sunday, September 6, 2009 by Hari
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Of Dreams and Witches .. :P

I completely agree (well that's an oxymoron to start with) with my BFF, after a long long time."A land where Prince Charming's exist...Where Fairy godmothers help hapless girls...And where the heart is what matters not the face" ... Very True. I completely concur.
People have often made fun of my dreams, my ambitions, and they continue to do so, but I've almost always been successful enough to prove them wrong. My life's a fairy tale by itself, as SRK puts it, I am only thankful to god, for being the Right Person, at the Right Time, talking the Right Thing, with the Right People and moving the Right Coins.
I've always believed in miracles in life, and that, though somethings you get in life by choice, others you get by chance. What you get by chance, you may not be able to savour it, exchange it for something else, or its highly probable you may not like it. But what you get by choice, you'd better keep it. And for this, when you ask, think about it. You may never know, because, sometimes in life, you get what you ask for.
Sometimes I feel, I've not got what I've wanted. I have always felt that there was always a gap between by requirement and delivery. Sometimes I have grumbled about it.
But predominantly, I've learnt to accept it as a part of my life. But there are somethings in life, for which I have decided I will never compromise. I will never take something less than what I had asked for. And those somethings are things that occur, once in a lifetime.

by Hari
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No one escapes their past ... No one escapes Judgement ...

This is my favorite quote, from my favorite movie... (V For Vendetta).
Why suddenly ?
Because, my friend's blogpost suddenly made me remember this quote again.
I recently used it to describe RJ's attitude.
But why is this my favorite quote ?
Many reasons. This quote in its original,is spoken by a villain in the movie. And ironically it is he who forgets his past and his misdeeds.

The actual quote is

"It wasn't the war they started. It wasn't the plague they created. It was judgement they made. No one escapes their Past. No one escapes Judgement." This is followed by the snapping of the scabbard with the sword that the protagonist carries.

I've always felt that though we feel that everything is alright,after we do something wrong, everything is not alright. We have set into action, a chain of events that somehow make our life irreversible... I feel that once we do an action, no matter how hard we try, we leave behind a trail .. and it is this trail that catches up with us. Trust me when I say this, Because i have experienced it first hand, No one escapes their past, No one escapes judgement.

Am sorry if this post is in a depressing sense, I never wanted it to be that way.
Just that my BFF in her blog post, reminded me of some things which i never wanted to remember ever ... :) ..

Well as I always say... It happens...

Saturday, September 5, 2009 by Hari
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Every Cloud does have a Silver Lining ....

Folks spend their time searching for the silver lining behind the clouds, that they forget the sun !!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009 by Hari
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Arasiyal la, ithellam sagajamo ?

A Chief Minister of a state has now been, 'officially' missing for more than 24 hours, and still we have not been able to tell whether he is alive or dead.
Boss, This is heights of lethargy and apathy.
If this is the condition of the Chief Minister of a state, who has been unanimously elected for a second term by his people, I can imagine the state of the people of the state. Throw into that the apparent disconnect the NSA has with this. NSA says, 'We hope that he is fine. We pray to God'.
Boss, this praying, the nation will do. You please continue the search operations.

--Last Communication from the Chopper.

"Victor Tango Alpha Pappa Golf calling Chennai radio. We are from Hyderabad heading for Chittoor. Departed Begumpet at. We are climbing 550 (5,500 ft). Expected time of arrival at Chittoor."


God Save my Country. :(

by Hari
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Happy Onam in Oman

Yesterday was Onam. So Went to Ananthpuri with Team for dinner. Food was kinda good. Typical, Keralite authentic food, though I felt, they could have done away with some dishes. I didn't have anything that special. (I am on a diet.. :) :P )
But the Rice Palada was simply too too good..
I am still salivating at the thought.
Almost all of us, had that Rice Palada, in the large water glasses that were provided to us. :)
Good Food, Good Ambience. Long Wait. Worth the effort.

by Hari
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Life is never simple, my dear friend....

My best friend says that the reason, why life has become complicated (for her) is because of herself. I really like the fact that she wants to take the blame (of the 'complications' of life) onto her, but .. here is what I feel.

Yes, I agree, your happiness is in your hands, and that's only upto a certain level. My happiness lies in downloading loads of movies from the Internet, but the happiness is given a full stop, when I have to answer a barrage of questions from my Room mates on the hefty Internet bill. Yes, Internet is my happiness, but I have to consider the folks in my room, before I begin to indulge in my happiness.

Yes, you are firmly within your reach. You are in your control, but your life is (still) thrown out of control, by some stranger, whose one decision can turn the world upside down. Though you may still say, that to be in control of what was never your kinda 'situation' is a challenge. Bull Shit. Wanna Example ? I am a living example. My life was going smoothly, when all of a sudden, my manager committed that I will be sent for this project, and so Here I am, slogging, trying to be in control of a situation that was not created by me, the decision to send me here, was never mine, I could never back out because of the commitment and a reputation to keep and I am still in the illusion that I am in control of the situation !!!

What somebody says, does, have a very big impact on your life, whether you like it or not. A guy 'doggin' about another guy (well you know.. girls bi*** about other girls) can seriously change his career course, in no time at all. We know how office politics work.. Don't we ?

So my friend, What is the fallacy... ?
This is your Life, But it is steered by others. To shore or Doom ? Well .. that Depends ... :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 by Hari
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Currently Reading ....

Am currently reading, the Doomsday Key by James Rollins...
He became my favorite after the Judas Strain, but his writing has been on the downward trend since then. :(

Find it very boring.... :(

by Hari
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So... What are you doing now ?

Looks like I've posted more in a month than in the whole of last year... :)
Well I am quite happy about it.
My trip home this time was the turning point.
I realised that I could do more, much much more than I was currently doing and So I decided to increase my bandwith exponentially...
So What am doing now ?
I am writing the story of my life (left it abruptly during Jan-2008)
( The title is a pretty interesting one.. am sure, it will be a best seller ... :P )
I am also writing many short stories, whose theme comes to my mind now and then.
I am trying to translate to English, a massive literary work.
Recording the GO's for visually impaired people.
Watching a completely different genre of movies.
Reading a lot more books than I used to...

My book reviews will soon start adorning my blog again.
Don't worry..This time I will give the link and its source.... :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009 by Hari
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