1.3 TB and counting... :)

I bought myself a(nother) 500 GB Hard Disk, bringing my total Memory available to 1.3 TeraBytes... :)

Currently I have close to 500 movies (out of which, more than 300 I have never heard about, 50 I've heard and about a 100 I have seen...)
Plenty of songs and of course, probably the world's best and the largest collection of non-technical ebooks... Trust me, when I say that, I am not boasting !!!
It is indeed the world's largest collection of ebooks... :)
Close to 20 GB Books on varied topics.. right from Alchemy to Astronauts...
I have often told my colleagues... Leave me, without food, water, T.V or A.C, sometimes even Internet, but not without my ebooks.. I can just spend hours and hours reading them... :)

BTW watched some movies this weekend...
"SwordFish" (Fantastic Screenplay),"Lucky Number Slevin" (for the second time),"Tomorrow Never Dies" (am becoming a James Bond Series fan now.).., "What a girl Wants" (Cute and simple)...
And of course, the nerve wracking, Cellular.. (Too good)... I just loved the movie...

Planning to watch :
"The Reader", "Hangover","Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" - any recommendations ???

BTW, Kate Winslet, shares my Birthday... :) One of the reasons, why she is my favorite... :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009 by Hari
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