Dilemma Dis-Illusioned

Well the story has been translated.
Both the climaxes have come out well...
My 'friends' say it has the Hari touch. :)
I don't know what that means... But let's hope it means something positive. :)

I might be posting the story pretty soon, on any one of the below mentioned crazy blogs... :) Lets see... What happens..

If any of you has really interesting tamizh stuff, and want to translate it to English, please free to contact me... I am willing to do it for free... (currently .. :) ) same case for Hindi to English.

I seem to be wasting my time .. I don't know why ... :(
Seem to be dis-illusioned with life itself...

Sigh ...

Life Goes on... I presume...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 by Hari
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