Life is never simple, my dear friend....

My best friend says that the reason, why life has become complicated (for her) is because of herself. I really like the fact that she wants to take the blame (of the 'complications' of life) onto her, but .. here is what I feel.

Yes, I agree, your happiness is in your hands, and that's only upto a certain level. My happiness lies in downloading loads of movies from the Internet, but the happiness is given a full stop, when I have to answer a barrage of questions from my Room mates on the hefty Internet bill. Yes, Internet is my happiness, but I have to consider the folks in my room, before I begin to indulge in my happiness.

Yes, you are firmly within your reach. You are in your control, but your life is (still) thrown out of control, by some stranger, whose one decision can turn the world upside down. Though you may still say, that to be in control of what was never your kinda 'situation' is a challenge. Bull Shit. Wanna Example ? I am a living example. My life was going smoothly, when all of a sudden, my manager committed that I will be sent for this project, and so Here I am, slogging, trying to be in control of a situation that was not created by me, the decision to send me here, was never mine, I could never back out because of the commitment and a reputation to keep and I am still in the illusion that I am in control of the situation !!!

What somebody says, does, have a very big impact on your life, whether you like it or not. A guy 'doggin' about another guy (well you know.. girls bi*** about other girls) can seriously change his career course, in no time at all. We know how office politics work.. Don't we ?

So my friend, What is the fallacy... ?
This is your Life, But it is steered by others. To shore or Doom ? Well .. that Depends ... :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 by Hari
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  1. I meant my happiness in my reach and my control..there will always be people around u to give u shit..I have a lousy TL who drives me mad on a daily basis..Makes me work like a Slave(i have not had a weekend to myself in more than a month) ..But he does not control my happiness..Life is about choices.I can Wait for the storm to pass..Or learn to dance in the rain...So u see..It is firmly in my hands...

  2. Well, the very fact that you acknowledge that you have a TL who drives you mad, according to me, has already snatched away your happiness. (in my opinion). Because, if you were to acknowledge it, it means you are accepting that he is in control of your life, and in the process, your happiness.

    Its a kinda catch-22 situation. think about it.

  3. no sir,I said he is in control of one aspect of my life.Not my life.And accepting the flaws in ur life is the perfect path to happiness...Life was never meant to be perfect...its a series of choices...u cant contol what life throws at u.U can control the way u react.(u choose to see the glass as half empty - I see it as half full)He can't snatch away my happiness(not that he does not try) coz I'm not in his control(just a part of my job is)..Get it?? (its the case of ignoring a Dog on the road- Or would u say the Dog controls my happiness too??)

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