The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown's Latest Novel - Review

So... Here we go ... !!!

I am not sure if I am doing the morally right thing, by posting the story line here.
Anyway... Here is the story line...

As usual Robert Langdon gets called at an odd hour by his closest friend and mentor, Peter Solomon. Langdon directly goes to Washington D.C without ascertaining the genuinity of the phone call. Peter's Sister Katherine is on the verge of a fantastic discovery in the field of Noetics. Langdon finds the severed hand of Peter in Capitol Hill and the story goes into Fourth Gear from there.
Then it is as usual Dan Brown stuff, with lots of codes, ciphers, Maps, puzzles, phrases, FreeMasonry, etc. Never realised that there were so many Masonic symbols hidden in open in America, and their literal as well as allegorical references.
There is a tattooed villain, who turns out to be someone very close to Peter and Katherine, and is always a step ahead of Peter and Katherine. Throw in CIA CO Director - Sato, and her assistant, who are hell bent on cracking the clues, together with Robert Langdon. Too many double crosses sometimes make you believe no-one.
Trust me, when I say this, This book is pure adrenalin and exhilaration from page One. Ironically, when there is too much of action, one begins to get tired, but Brown is not bothered about it. His story goes even faster and faster towards the so called end. However, the climax though it comes early in the conclusive parts of the novel, is a much stretched one. The story meanders long after the actual climax, taking Robert Langdon to a lot of places and revealing a number of things.

I go with the Pre-Release review of the book, This book definitely at one point of time, sounds quite encyclopaediacic. Almost all characters are shown knowledgeable in Masonry and Occult studies, which is somewhat strange and bizarre.

Too much gyan towards the end, about the esoteric values that Man must stand for.
The author tries the Da Vinci Code style in giving some ancient historic trivia in every page and he succeeds.

Good page turner. Must Read if you are a Dan Brown Fan.
I think Dan Brown can end the Robert Langdon series with this. This seems to be a nice ending to his story line, unless of course, he has something more explosive than this up his sleeve.

Overall, Pretty Good and racy book.

P.S: Copies are available all over the internet... :P :P :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 by Hari
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  1. I actually found the book a tad underwhelming. Totally agreed with the masonry knowledge and general gyan part. and as usual this book to follows typical Dan Brown formula. 700 bucks down the drain.

  2. You said it.. !!! :)

    Too much hype for this.. with releases being postponed for more than a year... :)

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