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I watched this movie, after my friend CoolShiv (as I would like to call him... :) :P) wrote the review of the book, some 3 months back.

The Story line is simple, with no frills attached.
Hannah Schlink was a prison guard in the SS at Auschwitz during the WWII. In her later years, she meets this school 'kid' who is interested in her, and so is she. The relationship between Michael and Hannah becomes physical and they seem to have a relationship, even though they have nothing in common, and moreso, their age differences. Hannah always asks Michael to read to her and she enjoys being read to.
Hannah gets a promotion, moves to a desk job from a ticket collector, and soon Michael is left alone.

Michael sees Hannah, under bizarre circumstances, some 5 years later. Hannah is being convicted of murder of 300 people, during the Holocaust. My friend CoolShiv writes this piece beautifully...

"The circumstances of their death make her seem brutal while nobody could comprehend the reality in a way Hannah seems to. "

There is a slight twist to the tale here. I am deliberately not mentioning it.
Hannah is convicted to a life in Prison. But Michael is not able to forget her. She haunts him everywhere.

What happens to Michael and Hannah, is the crux of this story.

The Movie raises some difficult yet poignant questions,
"Is it ethically right to kill another human being, when you know, that under any case, they are going to die ?"
"Is it fair to get punished for doing your duty, no matter how moral or immoral it is ?
"What is the role of law and judiciary in a society ?"
"What is the framework within which the society operates ?"
"What is acceptable and what is not ?"

After having read CoolShiv's review of the book, I must mention it here, that the movie lives up to the name. Amazing portrayal by Kate Winslet. She definitely deserves the Oscar for this. Other characters were also equally good and given correct weightage, in my opinion.

Must watch, if you love watching non-contemporary movies.
I was simply 'Blown Away' by this one.

Monday, September 28, 2009 by Hari
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