My Memoirs

Yep.. You read it right.. Am started with my memoirs.. but writing it down is soooooo painful.. takes a lot of efforts... and with my choice of words.. i wonder, if even half of what i write will be editable in the first place..

anyway..this blog post came up, because, i wanted to add a couple of incidents that happened when i was in school, and that i remembered, during a random discussion with my flat mates yesterday...

Chapters to include in the book -
The Story of V and Chapters 8.1,8.2,8.3 (+1 Physics)
The Triangular and then the Quadrangular Love Story....

:) :D


Tuesday, September 15, 2009 by Hari
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  1. The Triangular and then the Quadrangular Love Story???

  2. Well Yes.. The triangular story is between the Biggest Bi*** of our class (in your own words..) and the guy who was behind my best friend and my indifferent Best Friend..

    And then enter the Married woman, who tried to separate the Guy and the Bi*** and hurls abuses at my best friend. this is the quadrangular love story.... :)

    Hope this clarifies ...

  3. I sure hope no one reads the comments!

  4. So what if they read... :)

    And even if they read.. It will take them years to decode the stuff... :)

    Moreover... Morons usually don't read my blogs... :)

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