Of Dreams and Witches .. :P

I completely agree (well that's an oxymoron to start with) with my BFF, after a long long time."A land where Prince Charming's exist...Where Fairy godmothers help hapless girls...And where the heart is what matters not the face" ... Very True. I completely concur.
People have often made fun of my dreams, my ambitions, and they continue to do so, but I've almost always been successful enough to prove them wrong. My life's a fairy tale by itself, as SRK puts it, I am only thankful to god, for being the Right Person, at the Right Time, talking the Right Thing, with the Right People and moving the Right Coins.
I've always believed in miracles in life, and that, though somethings you get in life by choice, others you get by chance. What you get by chance, you may not be able to savour it, exchange it for something else, or its highly probable you may not like it. But what you get by choice, you'd better keep it. And for this, when you ask, think about it. You may never know, because, sometimes in life, you get what you ask for.
Sometimes I feel, I've not got what I've wanted. I have always felt that there was always a gap between by requirement and delivery. Sometimes I have grumbled about it.
But predominantly, I've learnt to accept it as a part of my life. But there are somethings in life, for which I have decided I will never compromise. I will never take something less than what I had asked for. And those somethings are things that occur, once in a lifetime.

Sunday, September 6, 2009 by Hari
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