Of Singers, Wiki and Madras Tamizh ... !!!!!

Was actually reading Chinmayi's Blog ...

(I know I am reading a slightly old blog, but never mind.. I like it. Moreoever, she has sung one of my most favorite songs... "Oru Deivam Thantha Poove".. I don't know why, But somehow, that song always moves me to tears... Actually speaking... I have not listened to the Chinmayi Version completely... (Oops.. I'm sorry Chinmayi.. I am very blunt on this... !!!) Because, most of the time I listen to the Jayachandran Version.. Let me tell you.. It is probably his voice, that gives the song such a melancholic strain... But nevertheless... one of the best pieces I've ever heard... Chinmayi sings a kind of background aalap.. I don't know what is the technical parlance for it... She does a commendable job in my favorite version, and that is the reason, why I've liked her singing... And of course, one very important thing.. I've almost seen her grow.. From Sapthaswarangal... To ASS... She has come a long way.. I remember, Srinivas's Tears when he heard Chinmayi sing on Sapthaswarangal.. Gave me goose bumps.. anyway ... )

Somehow I've always liked that name Chinmayi... It gives me a somewhat 'at-peace' feeling and more so , It is one of the 1000 names of the Mother Goddess ... :) :) :)
One of my favorite Saharsanamams of all...

'Chinmayi Paramananda, Vigyana Ghanarupini'

Well...Let's cut back to the point...

She had mentioned that she had wiki-ed for Madras Tamizh.. so that is what i Did... And trust me.. I fell off my chair reading the list... It is quite a big page.. and Am posting only the last 20-30 lines over here... They were the true gems...

Naina! Vootle solltiya? Saavugraaki! -- By calling the other person naina and asking him whether he has taken leave of his loved ones, the speaker indicates that his interlocutor is driving in a very unsafe manner. The speaker uses saavugraaki to emphasise the point, thus asserting his superior driving skills in the situation.

Yaru theaterla yaru padam ootra...keenjidum screenu....bemani! -- It is used to indicate that other person is trying to show off at a place he does not belong to.

Bajarlai ushara illaina nijara kalatidu vaanga -- Have to be careful in public place or you will lose your underpants. Basically, this is to indicate that we have to be careful with our belongings in public places since pocket picking menace is very common and widely prevalent in Chennai and neighborhood.

Bikki kuduthutta -- Usually used in the context when a girl ditches a guy whimsically

Sevulu avul aiyidum or Sevulu keenjidum -- Used to indicate that a slap will reduce one's cheeks to powder.

Yaarume Illatha kadaiyila Yaarukuda tea aathura -- Acting smart to impress a sappa figure (implies a woman worth for nothing). (Literally, For whom are you making tea? when there is no customer in the shop)

Bulb adichaan da Goofed up and caught red-handed.

Nee Saavarthukku En Vandidhan Kadichidha??? Didn't you find any other vehicle other than mine to die. Often told by lorry, bus and car drivers to the person who crosses their path.

Un moonchile en peechang kaiye vaikka I'll put my left hand on your face. A threat, as a person's left hand is regarded as unclean. (This is due to the historic lack of toilet paper in rural areas.)(* Indians do not use toilet paper. The left hand is unclean because its used to wash after defecating).

Aiyya monjiya paru Literally meaning Look at that face implying that it is unsightly to behold. Commonly used, especially by females to insult males.

Enna Machi, Nalla Keeriya Machi technically means Brother-in-law, but it is very commonly used to address friends. In present day English, this might translate to - Hey Dude, Whassup?

Enna Friend-ae. Romba naala kandukkavae illayae?
Note the interesting usage of the word Friend in its literal sense. The sentence translates to - Hello Mate, Haven't heard from you in a while?

Figura paathu frienda cut panradhu Used to refer to a friend who chooses his girlfriend as a higher priority than his friend (platonic friend).

Vaailey vada suda tha Used to refer somebody who talks a lot but in reality they can never make a step towards what they have said (or) asking some one to avoid false commitments.

Machi naa eggurren Meaning Dude i'm leaving home. From 'egur' meaning jumping. Loosely means I am jumping ship.

Uttalakkadi goanya uzunthu ezunthu vaaya Used to refer some one who took a wrong way and struggling to find the right way.

Daavukku kannu dokku Meaning Love is blind here daavu refers to love, kannu refers to eye and dokku refers to blindness.

kootar adiccha korangu Used to refer crazy or maniacs who likes to annoy others. here kootar refers to (180ml or quarter of alcohol) and korangu refers to monkey. Note, kootar is pronounced like 'caught-er'.

Gourava baal Used to refer some who does things for the sake of prestige.

Laadu labbaku dhas or Laadu langotta , Used to refer some who thinks that they are always right.here Laadu refers to 'Lord'.

Dumangoli, Used to refer to someone as chinna payan(little fellow) to denote his inexperience or someones actual size. Actual meaning(its the goli found in a goli soda).

Judgeju jamakkaalam, Used to refer some who confidently criticize others and they tend to do things always wrong .here Judgeu refers to 'Judge'.

Vakeel varavajeee, Used to refer some who talks about rights,law for every thing.

Goii used to express cheers or to wish a splendid performance.

Oothavan odi poittan, orama ninnu onnuku adichavan maatikinan, Used to refer to the fact that an accused person is in effect an innocent bystander. It literally means that the one who has had an illicit affair has run away while the person who was relieving himself in the vicinity was caught. This is also known as Nongu thinnavan odi pootan, nondi thandhavan maatikinaan.

Well.. To tell you folks the truth.. I had fun with this post...
Thanks to Chinmayi.. and of course, my ever digressing thinking.. I started with music and ended up with Madras Tamizh... :)

I guess.. I rock .. !!!

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  2. Crazy description of Chennai's local Tamil in fine English! Obviously I laughed my head off reading it :)

  3. Check this out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dappaankuthu

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