Review - Vicky Christina Barcelona

Amazing Movie. Worth a nomination to Oscar !!!

Here is the story line.

Vicky and Christina are two close friends who come to Barcelona for a pleasure trip. Vicky is the more serious one of the two, with more serious thoughts on commitment and morality, whereas Christina is more of the 'I'm falling in Love' types.

They both are warned about an artist at an exhibition, Juan Antonio, a man with a violent past and an even violent wife, with whom he had split up. Situations come up such that Juan Antonio, invites both Vicky and Christina to Oviedo, where he assures them, they will find a more surreal picture of the 'Catalan Identity'. In the evenings that follow, Christina ends up falling sick and Vicky finds the man interesting, though she initially detested him. They end up spending the night together in a burst of passion.

After coming back to Barcelona, Juan Antonio, avoids Vicky (for the reason, that she is engaged to be married, and does not want to confuse he ) and meets up with Christina, who had already developed a liking for him. Soon she moves in with him. Things seem to be going fine, when suddenly, Juan's ex-wife comes in. Maria Elena. Perfect foil for a spoilt wife.

She is beautiful, and jealous and at the same time, possessive and dotes on her husband. She is intrigued by the relationship that Christina shares with her husband, but realizes what it means to him and she too accepts her. Meanwhile,Vicky realises the guy she is married to, isn't the guy she wanted to marry, but it was because of the rules that she followed in her life, that she zeroed in on her guy - Doug. She now realises that though Juan loved her, he couldn't marry her, but knows that what passed between them was Love.

As days pass, Christina realizes that this isn't what she wanted, and decides to go back to America. Vicky confesses the whole thing to Christina, as she is her best friend. The story ends up in the same manner in which it started.

To quote wikipedia...
Doug never learns what truly happened. As the three Americans return home, Vicky goes back to her married life and Cristina remains where she started, knowing only what she doesn't want. Since Vicky chooses to live her rigidly planned (a "perfect") life, and Cristina chooses to live without making predetermined plans, they end where they began.

I loved the movie...
I personally thought, Rebecca Hall deserved an Oscar for her splendid portrayal of a confused woman, who yearns for love in her life.
Penelope Cruz was simply fantastic... One could see a myriad of emotions in her face... Amazing scenes... Penelope Cruz, as Maria Elena, Rocked... !!!!!!
Javier Bardem as Juan was O.K ... I personally felt, Brad Pitt would have suited the role better.... Even Pierce Brosnan, maybe...

Overall, A Good Movie... Definitely worth a watch... :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009 by Hari
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