So... What are you doing now ?

Looks like I've posted more in a month than in the whole of last year... :)
Well I am quite happy about it.
My trip home this time was the turning point.
I realised that I could do more, much much more than I was currently doing and So I decided to increase my bandwith exponentially...
So What am doing now ?
I am writing the story of my life (left it abruptly during Jan-2008)
( The title is a pretty interesting one.. am sure, it will be a best seller ... :P )
I am also writing many short stories, whose theme comes to my mind now and then.
I am trying to translate to English, a massive literary work.
Recording the GO's for visually impaired people.
Watching a completely different genre of movies.
Reading a lot more books than I used to...

My book reviews will soon start adorning my blog again.
Don't worry..This time I will give the link and its source.... :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009 by Hari
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  1. Like the new Template....

  2. Thanks... :)
    How abt the pic .. ?? :) :D

  3. This life story is THAT one?

  4. Nopes.. this is the one that says.. "How Haricharan, Got ........"

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