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Just back after watching Blue in Star Cinema ...

Here is the story line :-

Going back some 60 years, there was this ship called 'Lady in Blue' which carried the treasures of India, from Bahamas back to India, to its rightful owners, after the partition. Unfortunately the ship (was) sunk and the treasure remains buried there.

Sanjay Dutt and Lara Dutta are happily leaving in Bahamas. They have a rich friend Akshay Kumar, who also runs the same fishing business. Lara wants to have her own marine life preservation school, which is quite expensive and Sanjay can never afford. Nevertheless, Sanjay has plans and a history too.

Sanjay's father was an expert diver, and people thought that he had discovered the treasure and left his family for another woman. But the truth was, Sanjay's father dies in a freak accident caused by his own son, under the sea, while discovering the treasure. Sanjay is unable to forgive himself for this, and hence decides that he will never venture into the sea, looking for the treasure, Which he does, for close to 10-15 years.

His brother Zayed Khan is a happy go lucky guy, who runs away from his family and is in Bangkok. In a sequence of bizarre events, he heads back home to Bahamas.

Akshay Kumar, who was eyeing the treasure for a long time, decides it was time to provoke Sanjay into action. Whether Sanjay finds the treasure, Does Zayed Khan really escapes his pursuers, Does Akshay Kumar, get away with it all ? is the crux of the story.

First Half is good. Riveting.
Second Half, fails to keep you guessing. Patchy Work. Could have tightened it more.

Fantastic Camera Work. Really great Underwater Shots. A kind of mini Discovery Channel feeling. Very good indeed.

Hats off to A.R.Rehman, once again, for the wonderful Music and stunning Soundtrack. Underwater sounds have been captured well.

Highlight of the movie. Chiggy Wiggy Song.. Excellent to watch it on the big screen !!! Kylie Rocks...!!

Katrina Kaif, is beginning to look younger day-by-day. My My, sizzling looks.
Lara Dutta is kinda O.K. So is Sanjay Dutt. Both don't have much of a character.
Akshay's portrayal is good. But it kinda looks evident that he planned it all from the beginning.

Overall a good movie.

P.S:- Had to see close to 7 trailers before the movie began. A couple of them, which grabbed my attention were ..

Rocket Singh's Trailer looked impressive.

But folks, I have something to tell. Folks who study in IIT's and IIM's don't lead boring lives. Come on Guys !! Get a life !! Just some one is 'padaku' or 'padipps' doesn't mean, that they lead boring lives... And I am saying that, because, I've been tagged like that before, and I am sorry to say this, but folks you are mistaken .. !!! And trust me, though your " 37.5 %and passed with grace marks ki kahani" might work out for the masses, it doesn't 'always' work out in life.

You have to work hard to get what you want. The actor or actress in the movie, need not have worked hard to get there, but trust me, the technicians, and sound editors and cinematographers would have had to study and lead a boring life, as you would call it. I know film producing needs no brains, but you do need auditors and accountants, and of course those folks from IIM's/B-Schools with their ABC's to help you with your busines..

I am not involved with any of the IIT's and IIM's and I am sorry for the lashing out, but then, there is a breaking point, and this seems to be it.

Ishqiya - Crappy Trailor. Never thought Vifhal Bharadwaj, would ever make such a kinda movie or atleast Trailer.

Aladin - Hey, this was really good. I liked the graphics very much. Really good work. Wonder which studio is behind them. Going by the trailer, looks like a lot of money is riding on it.

Well.. that's a long post script, and of course, I am sorry for the long post...

Friday, October 16, 2009 by Hari
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