Born on the 5th of October

From the Times of Oman :-

Born Today (05th October), you are one of the strongest and most resolute individuals born under your sign, and yet you manage to avoid being overly aggressive or advertising your strength and resolve in any ways that might be off-putting or otherwise threateningto thise around you. Indeed, despite the fact that you have what it takes to make it entirely on your won in most situations, you are more than able to get along well with others and to foster relationsjips that are good for everyone concerned. The tratit that tempers and balances your iron side is your genuine interest in and care for others; you are a naturally warm and supportive individual, willing to do, whatever you can, whenever possible. You are likely to make it to the pinnacle of success in your chosen field -- but guard yourself against a kind of sadness that can come with such a triumph. You don't want to look around you at any point and recognise, with disappointment, that there are no more worlds to conquer; always strive to better yourself.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009 by Hari
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