Fax from Sarajevo :- Riveting Read !!!!

I was surfing some forum, looking for some good comics by Alan Moore, where I came upon this comic book called "Fax from Sarajevo". Now, the first thing, that I always notice, when reading comics, is "How attractive is the cover ?" This one was stunning or rather Plain and Simple. The cover is shown below.

This is a real-life story, not a make believe one. Hence the truth may be hard hitting, and difficult to digest.
Wikipedia's entry for this comic reads ...

"The non-fiction book originated as a series of faxes from European comics agent Ervin Rustemagić during the Serbian siege of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Rustemagić and his family, whose home and possessions in the suburb of Dobrinja were destroyed, spent two-and-a-half years in a ruined building, communicating with the outside world via fax when they could. Friend and client Kubert, the highly regarded artist of DC Comics was one recipient. "

It is really wonderful and hard hitting.
It is a slap across the face for those who believe in terrorism and in the exploitation of the oppressed.

Please do find the time to read it... !!!!!

I am happy that I did something useful this weekend.

Sunday, October 4, 2009 by Hari
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