The greatest fear of my life ....

Well, I wanted to blog about this, the moment I came back from my trip to India in August.

I have had this eternal fear that One day, I will be standing alone in a new city, with absolutely no clue of where I was, and where I am supposed to be going, where I would be staying.

I am usually a person, who plans out things, right down to the last detail, taking into account, every possible thing, that can go wrong, so that, when things do... I am able to console myself saying that, I had taken this into account, and that this won't disturb my plans/schedule.

I was in Bangalore when 'the moment' happpened. I was not given official accomodation, (as I was on a personal trip to Bangalore, though I was working officially.), so till the last moment, I was not sure, where I was supposed to be staying.

I made plans that I had to meet this one person. (A Courtesy Call), and so after a lot of deliberation I had to plan and meet this person accordingly. For that, I had to leave my office pretty early, and owing to Bangalore traffic, got a lift from one of my senior colleagues, on his bike, and it took me 45 minutes to cover 10 kms on road. The person whom I was awaiting, was already waiting for the past 5 minutes. All that person said to me was that he/she had only 15 minutes more.

In 15 minutes gap, we ordered a couple of sandwiches, and some juice, and started talking. After we finished,we came out of the place, and the person called up one of his/her friends and asked him to pick him/her up. I was thinking this person would come after 10-15 minutes. Well, It looked this guy was waiting for this call. He came in 3 minutes flat. Then with just a good - bye and not even a formal introduction to the person who rode the bike, the person, just rode off !!! Leaving me with my greatest fear.

Imagine,standing in the middle of the road, with absolutely no clue of the language being spoken,( though I understand kannada very well, I am shitty scared to speak it... and also I was kinda reluctant to use Tamizh in Bangalore.. !!!) I felt so alien... and add to this fact, the eerie feeling that your fears are coming true, and that I had no idea where I am going to stay that night, throw in the fact that I do not even know how to get back to office from that place... Well I've been in this city before... for more than 3 months.. I never felt this way about it, as I felt that day !!!

Alone, with my greatest fear, left in there, by the person, whom I trusted a lost... hmm .. strange world !!! That was the day, I felt hurt the most and decided that, I will pay back... In the same coin ... I will get my Vengeance...

Again, I have to tell this person only one thing...
No one escapes their Past .. No one escapes Judgement...
And I will be the Ghost of your Past, for years to come !!!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009 by Hari
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  1. This post prompts me to ask you several questions like..
    1. Did this person know that you hadn't arraged for accomodation?
    2. You plan out everything, then why didn't you think of the worst case?
    3. What did you do to get out of that situation?

  2. @ Shruti..

    1.) Yes, kind of...Because this person knew very well, that I did not know anybody in Blore..

    2.) Well, that's true, but heck, I certainly didn't expect this person to treat me like this... not even in my wildest dreams...

    3.) Took me two phone calls (on Roaming) to a college friend of mine, who told 'me' where I was and how I was to come out of that place, catch an auto and come to his place....

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