Growing up !!

Arrey, Invest in Pepper na ? You have to invest only xxx amount. You are getting back 1.5 times your investement at the time of harvesting right ?

No yaar, I don't have that much money with me ... I think I am better off with soya beans.. It takes less time you know, and it give me more Return over my investment.

If you think this is a conversation between two commodities dealers on the Dalal street... You are mistaken...!!!

This is the conversation between two people, who are playing Farmville on Facebooks... Dudes.. if you had actually applied this kind of mathematical knowledge in your school/colleges.. I can only imagine where you folks would have been.. !!!!

Grow up !!!

Monday, October 26, 2009 by Hari
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  1. we couldnt applied this mind in school/ we were nt grown enough..Dnt imagine where we would have been..think where we will be...this is business grow up... ;)

  2. So what does this mean sujit ? You didn't grow up then... and you don't want to grow up now ??? :) :D

  3. and how come... every time.. you manage to come with this kind of statement, that very clearly proves that you are upto all this ... :) :D !!!!

  4. Its never too late to learn something buddy..!! If farmville teachs u something...what is wrong in learning that..!!

  5. Yeah.. I know.. Heard that next they will be teaching Alphabets in Rhyme on FarmVille... I guess you have already advance booked those too..?

  6. one should know where to put his OWN mind rather than just making statements without logging into applications....its like expecting the child even before getting married (legally) :P

  7. Ah .. Sujit... You've proved it yet again ... :) Great work ... !!!!!

  8. I mean.. only a true Core-Support guy can give this kind of example... Expecting child even before marriage... In layman terms hunh ??? :) :D

  9. Thts correct ..Hari..when ppl dnt understand wht we r trying to say....we need to tell them in layman terms :P

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