Hurray ... Masti In Muscat is now Officially Ours :) !!!

MastiInMuscat Blog is now Officially Mine or rather Ours.....!!!

I am on cloud 9.. Seriously..

Till date, Masti In Muscat was the name that we(as a team) at Muscat were using for ourselves. We even have an orkut community, Picasa Group and delivery list for that..
Even our Wi-Fi Networks were named Masti In Muscat.. (Yes.. I am serious.. !!!) :)

Proof :-

I felt that something was still missing.. And now here we go... We have our own blogspot now .. !!! Here we will be posting Really funny and thought provoking material...

Keeping my fingers crossed... :)

Monday, October 12, 2009 by Hari
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