Kya Sportsmanship Dikhayi ... Maan Gaye..

Yesterday I saw a Champions Trophy match, Australia V.S ________.

I saw only the portion where ... Australia needed something like 20 Runs from 25 Balls, and they had only two wickets left.. !!! If Australia wins this match, they and ________ go play the semi-finals.
Else, India will have to win the W.I match (which they did) and go to Semi Finals.

In my opinion, Yesterday's match was clearly fixed. It showed so evidently on the faces of the _______ players, who were laughing and playing around. It looked as if the _________ captain was trying hard to suppress the laughter. It looked awfully funny... but also sicky disgusting.

Just to make sure, India doesn't come into the Semi's, they decided to play 'azhuguni aattam'.

Intha Pozhappukku ...

Sportsmanship... What is that ????

Thursday, October 1, 2009 by Hari
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