London Dreams - Review

Watched London Dreams last night at Star Cinema.

I liked this movie. It is very simply the story between 'Johnny Fontaine and Nino Valenti' from God Father - Mario Puzo. One has put all the effort into his dreams, and the other is very careless about the god-given talent.

Ajay Devgn's (Yes, the 'a' is missing.. :) I guess that's numerology for you ...), childhood dream is to perform at Wembley. (They quote an old family story for this, which kind of sounds silly to me !!). Ajay's father dies, forcing them to move to London, in search of livelihood. There, Ajay runs away from his uncle, and decides to make his own future. He slowly begins to give auditions,but is not accepted. He decides to perform in Trafalgar square, impromptu, so that, people will begin to notice. They do, and Ajay also gets a band. It is here he meets Asin, who is a wannabe Pop Star. (unfortunately, all she does is simply dance around the with the lead artistes, with absolutely no inclination to sing !!!)

Just before Ajay's first public concert, he decides to go to India, to see his best friend, Salman, and he is impressed with Salman's voice and talent. What Ajay had achieved after years and years of practice, Salman brings it on non-nonchalantly and with ease. Salman steals the show from Ajay in the first concert. This angers Ajay to no extent. Salman also is attracted towards Asin, in whom Ajay is also interested, but never expresses. Asin also falls for Salman. Ajay realizes that this was all that he had worked for in life, and now it was all being snatched away from him.

Soon, Blockbuster productions, decide to take London Dreams to a 3 city tour. Ajay decides it was time to wreck Salman's career. Slowly he introduces Salman to drugs indirectly so that his performances are affected. Salman is arrested for possession of drugs and the 3 city tour is canceled, abruptly. The Production manager then reveals to them, that he had actually planned a concert in Wembley if things had worked out well in the tour. Now they will have to forfeit it. Ajay is devastated and begs the manager to give him Wembley, so as to fulfill his life's dream. The manager relents and Salman apologizes profusely to Ajay, as he feels it was all because of his mistake. Salman, promises that he will rock Wembley and make Ajay's name resonate in Wembley.

Ajay decides, that he will not let Salman perform. So he decides to give him drugs one more time, but Salman successfully overcomes it, only to see Ajay blurting to the audience that he actually 'hated' to see his friend, get so much success, even though it was his dream and not Salman's. Salman is heartbroken and leaves the stadium and goes back to India. Ajay's career is ruined and he is heartbroken and realises that though he has put efforts, his best friend has the talent for it. Hence he decides to go back to India and get back his friend. All's well that Ends well.

Scenes to be noted :-

The 'shona' song scene.
The Wembley performance song.
The scene were Ajay apologises to Salman before he wrecks Salman's life.
The one, where Salman, shows different styles, in the same metre.

Plusses :-

Ajay Devgn's performance, as the success-hungry man, who later turns jealous at his best friend.
The songs are the biggest plus. Fantastic and Amazing. Great cinematography too.
Prasoon Joshi's lyrics rock !!!
Screenplay is very good.
The way Hanuman Chalisa is brought into the Barso Song.

Minues :-
Lack of depth and reason for Asin.
Salman's lacklustre show. His voice simply does not seem to be in sync with the audio, especially during the singing. Salman Khan has not done justice to the role he has been given. (My Opinion)
A damp squib climax, which is a bit lengthy in my opinion.

The Plusses outweigh the Minuses -: Good Movie... Watch it..

Friday, October 30, 2009 by Hari
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