Lunch at Rajdhaani !!

Man, I loved the food.. !!!

Too good ..!!

Semma Hospitality !! Something that I haven't seen in ages !! And also, the way the folks serve food... Too good !!

So what did we actually have ? Nothing, just the traditional thali. We made the mistake of going there today. Today of all days. Tomorrow is Diwali and all the Gujjus have a field day. There was this huge Gujarati Group, who had planned their lunch at that time. Not our fault. Anyway, thankfully they came in a bit late, and we had thankfully got a good comfortable position to eat and of course we had quite a bit of watching to do. !! :) :P

Food is served decently. Melodious music, is played in background. Overall, it's a very good experience.

Was it worth the cost ? Well, Annapoorna serves unlimited lunch at 1 Rial. This one at approximately 3. Yes, it is worth it.
There are some extra dishes and of course, you are pampered. Not for everyday eating out. Good, for once in a week, good ghar ka khana.

Friday, October 16, 2009 by Hari
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