Missing you !!! :( :( :(

In the last week or so, I've begun to miss by BFF so much.. I don't know why ...
Is this because, that of late, she's been very busy and hardly gets the time to talk to me ? Her status is always busy on gtalk and talks irritatedly when I try to make a conversation ... :( :(

Did I do something wrong to upset her ?
I don't know...

I just wish, she gets back into her groove and starts talking with me properly...

Sunday, October 4, 2009 by Hari
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  1. "Did I do something wrong to upset her ?"

    Check ur previous blogs..u may find out.

  2. If it is something regarding the google chat.. then no.. in my opinion what i've done or said is not wrong...

  3. u asked..i answered.accepting it or not is ur problem.i don't think anyone appreciates having their chat scripts posted on blogs.its called invasion of privacy.period.

  4. Yeah... You answered, without even bothering to check the past logs..or what i was talking about. and BTW this is my blog. This is not invasion of privacy... fyi.

    I get to tell the world, what i want to tell.

    BTW, heard that a lot of our old schoolmates(Read our dear friends) are regularly reading this blog.

  5. your dear friends(not mine)....and when u post MY chat script it is invasion of privacy .u can tell the world anything u want in UR BLOG as long as it does not invove me..when u start crappin abt me thats just unacceptable behaviour.but then when have u ever cared abt anyone esle but urself?(go ahead and quote me)

    P.S: i did check all the logs b4 i posted a comment.

  6. Yeah.. That's true... Very true...
    I agree.. "When Have I ever cared about anyone else except myself ?"
    :) :D :)

    No denials..

    Being a man of very low moral values, does not give me that privilege of caring about someone else..

    I am just like the scum of the earth...

    Am I even bothered... ??

    Wait a minute.. Why am I even bothering to reply...

    God... !!!

  7. BTW, the post related to this discussion, although we are discussing it on the 'ironically' wrong post.... has been deleted. Period.

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