Muscat ... Daily !!!!

Had to go to the Civil Status Office today to get my Resident Card.
Though I am leaving in January, the Visa duration is till April. But I pray that such a 'naubat' never comes.

On the way back, we stopped at a Petrol Station for a refill. A guy came up to our car, offering us a new newspaper that was launched hardly 3 days ago.
He said it cost 100 Bz.

Its called MUSCAT DAILY.
You can read more here.

I immediately bought the paper, and was mightily impressed with the layout.
A Lot of thought has gone into the font settings and arrangements of Ads.. Great work folks.. Keep doing it.

Some very interesting things I noticed..

Participation is being invited to a number of columns..
Clear Bullion and Forex Rates for most of the currencies prevailing in the market, on the front page.
Restaurant reviews in the supplement.. !!

Finally I get to see some change in the newspaper area..

There are only 4 other English newspapers in the country, and this one is bound to give each one, a run for their money...

Way to go Muscat Daily.

P.S :-

One very important reason, why I liked the paper was a detailed Tarot Card Reading... :)
I know that sounds very childish.. But still that is the way, I like it.. :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009 by Hari
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  1. I think that day is not very far when Muscat Daily captures 75% market share.

  2. It is coming as the second GONU for other existing newspapers

  3. they hardly cover any local news, cut-copy-paste journalists... weird newspaper i feel.. in place of ads they place a big block listing the names of their places in muscat 'so called - outlets'
    best toilet paper to wipe our A****

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