Of Dance Bars and Pleasures ...!!!

NOTE:- This is being told strictly from my Point of View. Others having their own PoV can write another post. They are free to do so.

Well, the other day, someone(in our team) had this strange compulsion to go to a dance bar, here in Muscat, and so he decided to take the whole lot of us to the Dance Bar. I politely refused. But there were others who couldn't resist the temptation !!! :)

I know.. It's a nice feeling to have girls dance all around you, in a place, where you hardly get to see your drink and have smoke engines everywhere.

I heard that one guy actually puked !! But I am told that was only because, he drank the beer in a hurry... :-) Some Excuse...

Well, I don't really know what they saw or experienced, but the least experienced guy in these worldly matters, has decided that 'Visiting Dance Bars' is not something that he would like to put on his 'Marriage Resume'.

Hmmm.. So I guess Realisation Dawns Late...

As for the Rest of the Masti in Muscat Team, the Saga Continues..

P.S:- I am a teetotaller. And Am Proud of it. !!! :)

Coming up :- Of Tequila and ????

Monday, October 19, 2009 by Hari
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  1. "Others having their own PoV can write another post" / "I am a teetotaller. And am proud of it. !!!"- One can't get more straight forward da...too good!

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