Of Nostalgia and Advertisements ....

In the past couple of days, one of my roommates has been watching too many youtube videos of advertisements and this has prompted me to actually rate my favorite ads...
Here goes a list of my favorite ads, (Note the list is not exhaustive, there are more to come, in the coming days.. :) )

1.) One Black Coffee Please Ad :- Ericsson Mobiles, when they were first introduced in India. Gosh, I can't think, that at one point of time, we(I mean I) thought cellular phones as the next generation..... and less than 10 years later, end up owning one...
(In fact, every Tom, Dick and Hari has a cellular phone these days...)
This continues (and will continue) to be on my Top 10 ads list, every decade.. !!! :)

My favorite for the reason, that it was a revolutionary in the way, we(I) thought about the concept of technology itself.

2.) Hamara Bajaj :- I still get goose bumps when I see this ad, or listen to this ad's soundtrack... In my opinion, this ad did a better job than Congress and BJP did, in bringing the country together.. Hamara Bajaj indeed..

Every citizen, who owned a Bajaj Chetak would proudly sing this song... Buland Bharath Ki Buland Tasweer... Perhaps a premonition that, we are ready to take over the world... :) Indisputably One of the best ads in the past 30 years.

3.)Pepsi Original :- Well, for the uninitiated folks, Aamir Khan initially modelled for Pepsi.. and it is from here the slogan came, 'Yehi hai Right Choice Baby.. ahaa !'

Fantastic Ad, with two beautiful girls, Mahima Choudhary and Aishwarya Rai..
Yes !! You read that right ... Aishwarya Rai ... This was the first ad that she acted in, just before the 'Titan - Deepavali - Ad', which took her into the modeling world by storm...

Unfortunately both Aamir Khan and Aishwarya Rai have switched Loyalties, probably for Royalties... Anyway.. One of my most nostalgic ads... Perhaps the right choice..

4.) The Titan Series of Ads :- My favorite ones

The father gifting his daughter a Titan watch, on her marriage.
Aishwarya Rai's First ad, as a newly wedded wife. (Well, she looks pretty in that.. that;s the only reason... :) :P)
Titan Wedding in Church, where an ex-lover, gives back to his (now ex) girlfriend, the first watch that she gifted him. Very touching ad.
Titan - Myside, your side ad. Well, I call it this way, because, the scene is such that, the newly weds are opening the gifts and the bride is making a statement about all the gifts, as to which side it came from, whether from her family side or from her husband's family side. The husband, slips his gift to his wife in the collection, and what happens is the ad. The most cutest ad (at that point of time) that I have ever seen.

5.) Cadbury's Kuch Khaas hai. Period.

6.) AirCel, Easy Deal. (Non South Indians, please excuse). In my opinion, the starting point of mobile communication expansion in South India. The Ad, with all people, with tilted necks.. Amazing thought and what reach ? This ad was very well received.

7.) Aashirvad Gulab Jamun :- The Sneha one. The best ads in recent times. My favorite lines are two.

One where Sneha asks, "Hey, un Maamiyaar epdi ?" How about your mother in law, and she says, "Maamiyar illa, Amma !!!", "She's not my mother in law, she's my mom." and the snug expression on the artist's face...

(In fact, to tell the truth, the model who says this, is still my most favorite model in the advertising industry. I don't miss even a single ad of this particular model.. :) )

The second line is when Sneha says, "Inikka Inikka pesa vaikkum" with the stress on Inikkum,... Tooooooo Goooood.... :)

8.) Fevicol - Zor Lagake Haiiiiiisha !!!! Period.

9.) Hutch - Vodafone,

Everyday I want to fly stay by my side...
Everyday I want to dream stay by my side...
Every morning I wish I could just play....
Wish the mornings would just stay...

10.) Gorgeous Hamesha - Parachute. Amazing tune, all the emotions in the lyrics are beautifully captured, and of course, all the models are beautiful. Most important reason, Deepika Padukone is present ... :) :D

I guess this just sums it up...

Well, This list is not exhaustive... More to come.. Some other day maybe.... :) :D

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 by Hari
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