One Hilarious Blog... !!!!

I was hardly updating my blog, for the whole of last year, and suddenly you can find a huge surge in my posts... :)

I am sure, that must have come as a big surprise to many of you folks..

But actually, to tell the truth, the urge to continue the blog, started with this particular tamizh blog by Dubukku.

The guy is amazing... Has plenty of sense of humor, and I have been recommending his posts to everybody, who knows tamizh..

(One of my college seniors.. After I recommended the blog, read the blog, was so impressed with it, that he made efforts to directly contact the author, and add him on orkut... :) )

Amazingly real portrayals of people, the dialogues.. everything is too good...
Please do read...

My picks... (I would choose all.. But still .. some )

Jolli Thirintha Kaalam
Kalyanam - Prequel
Kalyanam - Sequel

Just to name a few...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009 by Hari
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