Proposal - Movie Review

Watched the Proposal over the weekend.

Here is the story line :-

Sandra is a leading editor in a famous publishing company and Ryan is her executive assistant. Sandra is portrayed as a mean bitch and her intial scenes are to that effect. Sandra, defies the U.S Government (she being a Canadian citizen) and goes to an Europe trip for which the government decides that she has to be deported back to Canada. A brainwave strikes her, and she pulls in her unsuspecting executive assistant into shit by making her superiors believet that they were in love, and were planning to get married. As per U.S Laws, if you are someone's (an American Citizen's) fiancee then you get to stay in the country, provided you are able to answer the cross questioning done by the immigration officials.

So, Ryan and Sandra's weekend starts at Ryan place in Alaska, only for Sandra to realise that this unassuming, down-to-earth executive assistant of hers actually owned half the town where they lived. The Parxton's owned a number of industries, and other financial establishments, thus effectively making them the richest family in Alaska. Though, Ryan knows everything about Sandra, Sandra doesn't know anything about Ryan and slowly learns a lot about him. Finally there is a happy ending after a number of twists and turns.

All's well that end's well kinda story.

Notable scenes were namely the Proposal that Sandra makes to Ryan on her knees on the footpath, and the climax in the office...
Interesting dialogues.

Sandra is beginning to look old. She definitely needs to pay attention to her physique more seriously.

Sunday, October 18, 2009 by Hari
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