Review :- Two Movies and One Comic :)

Watched two movies over the weekend -

Imagine You and me, is a story that is straightforward and yet complicated.. :)
The story opens with the wedding of Rachel and Hector, where Luce happens to be the florist. Both Rachel and Luce, feel as if they are long-lost friends re-uniting. Some time later, Rachel meets up with Luce and She tries to hook up Luce with Heck's friend Coop. But she does not realise that she has growing feelings for Luce.
She vehemently tries to deny any feelings that she might have for Luce.
In the meanwhile Luce tries to advise Coop that he should not destroy families by having affairs with married woman. The point is reached, when Rachel and Luce confront each other in Luce's flower shop's backroom, and at that precise moment, Heck enters. He says he wants flowers for his wife, as he thinks, she is angry with him for some reason, which is unknown to him. On listening to this, Rachel feels very guilty and leaves. Rachel that night, in a fit of emotion, blurts out the truth to Heck who confides in Coop, who finds out that Luce is in the picture. On confronting Luce, She denies all involvement and decides to leave for the country. Heck decides to part ways with Rachel, as he realises that she has found her calling. Both Rachel and Luce live happily everafter... :)

I know the story sounds a little fetish... but then, this is Hollywood... :)

I Love You Man, is a funny and touching story about a man, who needs a 'male' best friend, so that he can come as the 'Best Man' to his wedding. Peter Klaven is a real estate salesman, who's getting engaged to Zooey. His parents and his girl friend comment that he has no good friend, whom he can call as his best man. Hence Peter begins to search for his 'Best Friend'. It is slighly hilarious at times. But most of the time it is gross. Peter is trying to sell off Lou Ferrigno's property where he meets this strange guy Sydney who has come to only eat at the Open house. Both hit it off well and soon they start meeting each other regularly. Peter discusses his most intimate problems with Sydney, and on evening of their engagement party, Sydney makes an awkward comment, souring the relationship between Zooey and Sydney.
Sydney asks for a loan of $8000 from Peter who gives it, much to the chagrin of Zooey. This ends up in a bitter fight that results in Peter breaking up with Sydney. Sydney in the meantime, uses his marketing skills and gets billboards placed all over the city for promoting Peter's sales and soon Peter is the town's wanted Salesman. Peter feels bad that he separated with Sydney but is not able to express it to Zooey. In the climax, Zooey invites Sydney to the marriage without Peter's Knowledge and All's Well that Ends Well.. !!!

Jason Segel as Sydney Fife rocked !!! Others were kinda o.k...

Read Signal to Noise yesterday.
It is a pretty interesting comic book story of a director, who forms the story of the movie, scene by scene in his mind and then uses it as the framework for this actual - real life- movies. The sketches were really good and hard hitting... Very Good Read..

Tuesday, October 6, 2009 by Hari
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